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Meet Our Dominican Literary Artists



Our Dominican literary artists - fiction writers, biographers, poets, lyricists, and playwrights - are very important to us. In this expensive world of advertising it is absolutely necessary to ensure that our artists are recognised and supported if a distinct Dominican literary tradition is to be established. Our artists are carving out this tradition wherever they toil throughout the world and, in so doing, are quiet and true ambassadors of our Nature Island, the Commonwealth of Dominica. They should not to be ignored. This is the challenge and objective that this DAAS programme is determined to undertake.

Writers Publications Committee

The programme is managed by a voluntary group of writers to help promote and develop a Dominican tradition. Current members of this Committee include: Alick Lazare, Alwin Bully, Chris Seraphine, Gabriel Christian and Giftus John. Let's give them our full cooperation.

Modus Operandi

The site is dedicated to Dominican writers and to important publications written about Dominica. Publications include novels, short stories, plays, non-fiction books, music (CDs, videos) etc.

The site will be operated as follows:

  1. Author will submit to the Publications Committee a fully completed Application Form for their publication to be promoted on DAAS website with a request for web page.
  2. The Publications Committee will review each application and advise author if his publication is accepted or rejected.
  3. On receipt of Committee's acceptance, Author will further submit a front cover image and an Author photo to the DAAS Webmaster.
  4. Author will submit to DAAS Treasurer the prescribed fee of twenty dollars (US$20.00) per annum for promotion only.
  5. For onsite purchasing procedure will be as follows:
    • Customer fills in DAAS electronic order form and indicates method of payment - credit card, bank draft etc.
    • DAAS (Treasurer) receives payment and forwards order to Author.
    • Author ships order to customer's address and advise DAAS when shipment has been made.
    • DAAS credits Author account for orders actually shipped to customers (upon receipt of shipment notification by Author).
  6. Periodically, DAAS Treasurer remits sales revenue to Author less any sales commission payable to DAAS at the rate of two and a half percent (2.5%).
  7. Retail prices should include the cost of freight to different shipping destinations, e.g. if shipped from Dominica:
    • Dominica $30
    • Caribbean $35
    • USA and Canada $40
    • UK $45
  8. An author may at any time request removal of his publication from DAAS website.
  9. DAAS may, in its own discretion, extend promotion to affiliate websites at no additional cost to the Author.