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Dominica-Diaspora Policy

Announcement and Invitation

The Government of the Commonwealth of Dominica has invited the Dominica Academy of Arts and Sciences (DAAS) to consult with Dominicans at home and abroad in order to prepare a Policy Paper for Government's consideration on relationships between Dominica and its nationals abroad. (See Letter of Endorsement).

In general, the Paper will address, among other things:

  1. Strengths and weaknesses of current policies and regulations pertaining to nationals abroad, including the quality of services delivered to them, with suggestions for improvements. This might include issues of improved diplomatic and consular representation, delivery of services such as passports, defense of nationals' interests in foreign justice systems, changes to incentives and services available for those intending to return home.
  2. Ways and means whereby nationals resident abroad might contribute more to national development efforts at home. Among others, consideration will be given to sponsorship of groups, programs and areas in Dominica; facilitating twinning of groups, schools and communities for mutual understanding and assistance; direct and indirect investment in commercial ventures.
  3. Methods by which the energies of nationals resident abroad might assist in promoting visits to and investment in Dominica. The potential roles of designated private persons abroad as honorary consuls and of the Diaspora at large as unofficial goodwill and promotional ambassadors will be investigated.

All Dominicans, at home and abroad, are invited to submit comments and ideas on these and related matters by August 31st, 2004 by letter or e-mail to one of the contacts indicated below. Names and mailing addresses of contributors are requested

In addition, all overses nationals are requested to complete this questionnaire.

Consultations are planned with individuals and groups during August and September at the following locations: Roseau (Dominica); U.S.V.I.; New York (USA); Washington (USA); Toronto (Canada); Hamilton (Canada); Montreal (Canada); London (England). Expressions of interest for similar consultations in other locations are welcome.

Let us all seize this opportunity to make a Difference

W.R.Franklin Watty (Chair),
453 Anndale Road , Waterloo, ON., Canada, N2K 2E3

Dr J. Davison Shillingford,
5528 Crispin Way, West Bloomfield, MI, USA, 48323

Dr Leroy W. Mitchell,
Tel: 914-632-0679

Ms. Mona George-Dill,
Springfield Estate, Commonwealth of Dominica