DAAS Honors Dominican Stalwarts



The DAAS Honoree

Every year sees the passing of Dominicans who have made distinguished and honorable contributions to Dominica and the Dominican people. There are also those who even today continue to bring great credit to Dominica. But because of the fragility of our records, and the few historians who take the time to record their contributions, our Worthies and their works are soon forgotten. How many of us have heard of the distinguished Dominican jurist, Judge Telford Georges, or of the visionary Christopher Loblack, father of the Dominica labor movement? But these are the Dominicans of towering stature whose lives we would all want our children, Dominican youth, and our citizens in general to emulate.

As such, we will honor here those Dominicans who were outstanding in their professions, their personal attributes, and in their life; who, by their works and contribution to their communities, either at home or abroad, did honor to Dominica. Among these will be the well known and towering Dominican Worthies. Equally honored here are those less well known, perhaps of humble background, but whose lives of achievement are no less exemplary and worthy of emulation. We will honor those whose lives abundantly embody the time-honored virtues, of sincerity and loyalty, hard work and perseverance, discipline and diligence, leadership, contribution to community, and calling to high office, among other virtues; but above all, those whose lives personify integrity and honesty, fortitude and high achievement, and who have evidently gained the respect of their peers. And here, DAAS will honor those distinguished Dominicans we can all be proud of, whether they have passed on or not.