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D.A.A.S. Historical Background

DAAS had its origin in the work which webmaster Raglan E. Riviere started on his website, Sir Raglan Presents. There, in an effort to find a way to reversing the brain-drain, he invited Dominicans to submit papers for discussion at a forum with the intention that information, relevant to the development needs of Dominica, would filter to and inform decision-makers at home.

The popularity of the method of tackling the brain-drain led Gabriel Christian, among others, to suggest that the directory of the authors of these papers be expanded to include qualified and professional Dominicans. Gabriel Christian further suggested, and it was agreed, that the Directory and Discussion Papers could be named the Dominica Academy of Arts and Sciences. And so, DAAS was born in November, 2000.

A carefully selected Steering Committee, led by Dr. Clayton A. Shillingford, DAAS first President, laid a solid foundation for the Academy, including gaining 501 (c) tax exempt non-profit status in the USA and Charitable status in Dominica. On November 13th. 2005, DAAS elected its first, democratic Board of Directors and Executive Committee.