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Local Chapter Minutes

Minutes of Oct. 31/2006 AM

Minutes of meeting held on Tuesday October 31, 2006 between members of the Diaspora and local chapter of the DAAS at the OECS Secretariat, Financial Centre, Kennedy Ave, Roseau, Commonwealth of Dominica. The meeting scheduled to commence at 10.00 a.m.

The meeting called to order at 10.05 a.m.

The following were present:-
Citizens of Dominica residing in the Diaspora:-

Members of the DAAS Local Chapter:-

Ms. John led the meeting in prayer.

The meeting agreed that Mr. Bellot Chair the proceedings.
The Chair welcomed members especially those visiting Dominica for the Independence celebrations.
On completion of introductory and welcome formalities, the Chair expressed the need to have the DAAS local chapter reactivated and reiterated the need for members to perform their various roles on the executive committee, as more would be accomplished.

Reformation of local chapter of the DAAS - Noted uncertainty about the current Treasurer of the local chapter as the former, Mr. Alexander Stephenson, remarked that he was no longer interested and that Mr. Nicholas Waldron would serve instead. The meeting informed of Mr. Waldron's expressed interest to serve as Treasurer. Further noted that most members appointed, in the recent caretaker committee of the local chapter, had been non-functional or unwilling to perform. In that regard, and in order to have the chapter moving, the meeting agreed the following members would serve until the next AGM:-

Draft constitution of the local chapter - agreed the interim committee would have this reviewed and formalized at the next general meeting. Noted that the local chapter of the DAAS had already been registered in Dominica as a non-profit organization.

Agreed - the interim committee would seek to accomplish the following:-

  1. Reform the Executive Committee of the Local Chapter of the DAAS and these members to affirm commitment to serve in a positive manner; (
  2. Prepare list of financial members of the local chapter;
  3. Identify a team among members of the local chapter to represent or prepare proposals and would be also influential in making representation to Government for and on behalf of Dominican in the Diaspora;
  4. Prepare statement of action leading to the next AGM;
  5. Structure the local chapter for formalization at the next AGM;
  6. Prepare agenda and convene the next Annual General Meeting of the local chapter;
  7. Prepare and present short-term plan or paper on expectation of the chapter, for the next year or two, on the way forward in mobilizing efforts and information sharing;
  8. Establish Website to link members;
  9. Coordinate with members in Europe and North America on their functionality and linkage to Dominica;
  10. Press statement/release on the main function of the DAAS that will assist in the development of Dominica;
  11. Formalize "Terms of Reference" for local chapter.

Informed and noted - That on conclusion of this meeting another was scheduled at 11.00 a.m. with Ms. Fagan, Diaspora representative/coordinator in the Prime Minister's office.
Tabled - Paper # 1 - 10/06 - Tabular Summary of Diaspora Report Recommendations by timing and resource requirements.
The meeting requested and Dr. Shillingford gave a summary of matters outstanding with Government as follows:-

  1. DAAS Policy - The Government to respond on draft policy presented or to establish a date for ratifying final document. Dr. Shillingford concluded that this document captured the working relationship between the Government and Dominican in the Diaspora.
  2. "Thank you" letter from Government for the receipt of medical supplies from the donor for which the DAAS coordinated efforts.
  3. Diaspora Conference 2007 - Noted the importance of such conference. Informed that this conference should be held in Dominica in 2007 and coordinated by Government.

Noted - letter dated October 31, 2006 to the Minister of Finance re: duty-free concessions on gift items sent to Dominica by members in the Diaspora.
The meeting reiterated the need to have the local chapter functional and effective in coordinating efforts with members in the Diaspora. The meeting noted however that the policy document submitted by the DAAS would address all these issues.
Informed of likely meeting proposed with/by the Minister for International Banking - Agreed that before such a meeting, the local chapter must receive response from Government on the policy document submitted by the DAAS about two years ago.
Noted - Ms. Richards' explanation about problems encountered in securing a donation of books from a college in Canada re: adult learning program. She concluded by informing of the embarrassment she encountered at a meeting with representative of the Dominica State College and the donor representatives where there was an unwelcome reaction.
Noted - That efforts to assist, presentation of policies and programs by Dominican Nationals in the Diaspora were not recognizes or appreciated by Ministers of Government of the Commonwealth of Dominica or their representatives. On that note Mr. Patrick explained about his company, which was receiving world recognition on its software product, whereas this was not the case in his homeland Dominica, even where he was prepared to make certain concessions to his country.
In consideration of the scheduled meeting with Ms. Fagan the Chair ended the meeting at 11.00 a.m.

Thomas Dorsett
Interim Secretary
Dominica Chapter of the DAAS

Confirmed this day of (), 2006

Parry Bellot
Interim President/Chairman
Dominica Chapter of the DAAS