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Local Chapter Minutes

Minutes of Oct. 31/2006 with Diaspora Rep.

Minutes of meeting held on Tuesday October 31, 2006 between Ms Mandra Fagan representative/coordinator of the Diaspora in the office of the Honourable Prime Minister, Commonwealth of Dominica, and local and overseas members representing the Diaspora.

The following were present:-

The meeting scheduled for 11.00 a.m. formally called to order at 11.10 a.m.
Ms Fagan requested and the meeting commenced with a prayer.
Ms. Fagan introduced herself and requested others to do likewise.
Dr. Shillingford requested updated on the outstanding issues in reference to meeting of September 05, 2006 - Ms Fagan responded as follows: -

  1. DAAS Policy - Government to respond by acknowledging draft policy presented or to establish a date for ratifying final document. Ms Fagan said there is no update on this however she will pursue and inform accordingly
  2. Ambassador Crispin Gregoire - Requested - Government to confirm whether Mr. Gregoire received communication in regard to his appointment as the Diaspora representative or coordinator in the USA. Ms Fagan responded to state that this matter was not yet resolved.
  3. Diaspora Conference 2007 - Government should note the importance of such conference in Dominica and to inform whether such would be held about October 2007.
    Informed and Noted - February 2007 - OECS conference in Toronto; November 2007 - DAAS conference in Toronto. Ms Fagan in acknowledging the importance of hosting this conference in Dominica about October/November 2007.
    Agreed that such a conference would be scheduled around the independence celebration 2007 and would therefore follow-up with emails to inform accordingly.
    Further noted and agreed that in the best interest of advancement, the 2007 conference would be a precursor to the 2008 major conference in Dominica when the DAAS would report on achievements in the past year and consideration given to promotional presentation on Tourism and Investment.
  4. Implementation/Recognition Agricultural Project - Response pending from Government on presentation by Doctors Clayton Shillingford and Eddie Edmunds. Ms. Fagan said she enquired and could not ascertain the Ministry or Minister in receipt of such presentation.
  5. Marketing Strategy - Requested - involvement of the DAAS to be defined. Ms Fagan suggested that the DAAS should write Ms Marvlyn Alexander James of the NDC to state the manner of contribution or assistance that could be established by Nationals in the Diaspora. There was unanimous disagreement by members to this suggestion as in principle the DAAS wanted to know how they could assist the Government in regard to its established policies and programs. Ms Fagan agreed to send the Tourism Development Plan to the DAAS.

Returning Nationals - concerns raised over this issue in regard to improvement and attention given to customer service/care by nationals.
The experience of frustration by National in the Diaspora discussed - this was expressed in regard to nationals of Dominica returning on extended holidays but would be made to feel like strangers or foreigners in their homeland.
Books donation from the University of Greenwich, UK - Informed that Mr. John secured this donation valued at thirty-six thousand pounds sterling. There was concern about an acknowledgement from Government because another such donation may not be likely in the future, as an appreciation letter was not sent to the University in a timely manner.
There being no further business the meeting ended at 12.08 p.m.

Thomas Dorsett