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Local Chapter Minutes

Minutes of Dec. 02/2006 AM

Minutes of meeting of the Interim Executive Board, DAAS local Chapter held on Saturday December 02, 2006 at the residence of Dr. Clayton Shillingford, Checkhall Valley, Massacre, Commonwealth of Dominica. The meeting scheduled to commence at 9.00 a.m.

The meeting called to order at 9.10 a.m.
The following were: -

Adoption of agenda
The following agenda adopted -

  1. Confirmation/Consideration of Matters from the minutes of November 15, 2006.
  2. Chronicle Supplement
  3. Representation on Reunion Committee
  4. Overhead Walkway project
  5. Any Other Business

Agenda Item # 1 - Minute # - Confirmation/Consideration of Matters from the minutes of November 15, 2006.
Confirmation of above minutes: -
On a motion by Mr. Bellot, seconded by Dr. Shillingford, the above minutes were considered as circulated and read and approved without amendments.

The following matters from the above minutes were considered: - Membership list Local Chapter - Agreed: Mr. Waldron would contact the past treasurer to verify members who paid annual dues in 2006, on completion of this, Mr. Waldron would assist Mr. Bellot to prepare, by January 15, 2007, an updated membership list for presentation to the Executive.

Financial Status Local Chapter DAAS - The Treasurer Mr. Nicholas Waldron wanted the following noted, as he wanted adoption immediately and certainly by the next executive meeting, for follow-up action or policy on accounting and financial dealings:

Formalize "Terms of Reference" for local chapter - Agreed: The function of the Chapter to be defined and written guidelines to be formalized and presented soon.

Waiver of transfer fees for the properties bequeathed by Mr. Willard De Filipps: Noted: Dr. Shillingford informed that the Financial Secretary, Ms Rosemond Edwards had been dealing with the matter and she had advised that Government could not legally grant such a concession.
Further noted - that such waiver [on transfer fees] had been granted recently to squatters on Government lands therefore it was possible to have the transfer fees waived [which amounted to most of the cost of transfer] however the assurance fees must be paid.

Dr. Shillingford informed that there were five [5] properties involved in the transfer as follows: -

Noted: That plans and valuations for the properties at Mero, which were done by Mr. Jeremiah David, were already with Government.
Agreed: The two [2] properties at Mero to be settle first and in that regard Mr. Waldron would call Ms. Edwards to make necessary arrangements or negotiations.

Duty-free application - Noted: The Government had not yet responded to letter dated October 31, 2006 re: the captioned matter.

Diaspora Manual - Noted that Ms Fagan from the Honorable Prime Minister's office, who has a copy of such a manual from the Guyana Government, has committed to complete the Dominica model by end December 2006. Agreed: Mr. Bellot to follow-up with Ms. Fagan.

Policy Paper - Noted: no response yet.

Proposed meeting with Prime Minister - Noted: Mr. Bellot informed that Hon. Charles Savarin committed to make arrangements to have meeting with the Hon. P.M.
Agreed: The Secretary to prepare a list of unresolved matters/items emanating from the minutes which would be presented at the next and subsequent meetings. This list to be termed an "Action list" for noting progress of pending actions or decisions of the Executive.

Agenda Item # 2 - Minute # - Chronicle Supplement Tabled: Draft headlines to highlight DAAS achievements and objectives as follows: -

Agreed: The above bullets would form the headlines for developing the newspaper supplement.

There were deliberations on the timeline to meet deadline for a New Chronicle print and the cost factor as relates to the number of pages for the supplement.

The Treasurer expressed his concerns about the Chapter's finances.
Suggested: The above headlines be handed to the New Chronicle to research or reference the DAAS Website to slot in the necessary information.
Agreed: Dr. Shillingford to complete the details under each headline and circulate draft to members before handing to the New Chronicle for layout.

Agenda Item # 3 - Minute # - Representation on Reunion Committee
Noted: That the DAAS was not represented on the National 2008 Reunion Committee
Agreed: A DAAS representative should be included on the 2007 Reunion Committee. The Local Chapter to write the Chairperson, Hon Lauren Bannis to seek inclusion of a DAAS rep.

Agenda Item # 4 - Minute # - Overhead Walkway project Tabled: Proposal for a Walkway over the Dame Eugenia Charles Boulevard in close proximity to the Garraway and Fort Young Hotels
Suggested: The Walkway would advertise or highlight the co-operation and linkage of the DAAS organization with and for the development of Dominica.
Agreed: Mr. Bellot to present a detailed proposal to the DAAS for consideration of a partnership fund raising arrangement.

Agenda Item # 5 - Minute # - Any Other Business: - Agreed: That concerted efforts be made to establish partnership with Governmental and Private Sector establishments in recognizing and having the local chapter receive benefits as a non-profit/charity organization.

There being no further business the meeting ended at 11.00 a.m.

Thomas Dorsett
Interim Secretary
Dominica Chapter of the DAAS

Confirmed this day of (), 2006

Parry Bellot
Interim President/Chairman
Dominica Chapter of the DAAS