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D.A.A.S. Mission and Objectives

Mission Statement

To engender a high quality of life at home and abroad by creating a unified global Dominican community committed to leveraging our intellectual, financial, and relationship capital to execute effective national development initiatives.

DAAS Objectives

  1. To identify, motivate, and enable effective use of the talent and resources of every Dominican toward national development irrespective of geographic location.
  2. To help create a prosperous Dominican economy by developing world class expertise & capacity in key 21st century knowledge domains, and effectively harnessing that competence to drive economic progress.
  3. To safeguard our island home for ourselves and future generations by helping bring about adherence to a developmental model based on sustainability and eco-centered principles
  4. To help create high levels of social & relationship capital for effective, harmonious civil society on the island as well as for beneficial relations with relevant constituencies around the world.
  5. To ensure continuance of, and to develop and share our unique Dominican history, character and culture.
  6. To undertake tangible programmes for the specific enhancement of the welfare of Dominicans at home and in the Diaspora