Advertising Policies & Procedures

Thank you for visiting our advertising section. DAAS, as you may already know, is a non-profit organisation operated solely by volunteers. We depend on donations and membership subscriptions to stay afloat. Consequently, our pages provided for advertising are very important to us.

DAAS has developed a graduated schedule of fees way below competitive commercial rates because of the Academy's necessity to maintain its tax-exempt status. Please check on the left navigating column to take a look at an example of what you are looking for.

To facilitate your enquiry, however, we answer the following questions you may have:

  1. How and to whom do I apply for advertising space?
    • You simply send an e-mail enquiry to the webmaster outlining your requirements, eg. land for sale, house for sale, etc.
  2. How much and when do I have to pay?
    • Our Fee Schedule is graduated to accommodate short (six months) and long (two years) durations. The longer period is proportionately less. Fees are paid prior to uploading the ad to the Internet.
  3. To whom and how do I pay the fees?
    • Fees are paid either directly to the DAAS Treasurer (by cheque) and sent to:
      Dominica Academy of Arts & Sciences.
      C/O T F, DAAS, PO Box 27254,
      Washington DC, 20038;
    • or by Credit Card at the DAAS PayPal A/C
    • and the Treasurer will send you an electronic receipt.
  4. Do I check the ad before it is uploaded to the Internet?
    • This is necessary to ensure your approval is obtained. Without approval and payment the ad will not be uploaded.
  5. When is the starting date of the ad?
    • When the Treasurer receives payment and sends a receipt, the webmaster is notified and the ad is uploaded immediately.