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Dominica-Diaspora Policy

Dominica-Diaspora Policy Paper - Terms of Reference

  1. To conduct a review of current policies and regulations which apply to Dominican nationals resident overseas (Diaspora), and to assess their relative strengths and weaknesses.
  2. To consult through any and all means feasible with the widest cross-section of Dominican nationals resident overseas (Diaspora) on their concerns, expectations, ideas, and opportunities relating to the national development of Dominica.
  3. To obtain a representative view of reactions and attitudes of Dominicans at home to their countrymen resident abroad (Diaspora) with suggestions on how both entities might work together more successfully for the progress of Dominica.
  4. To prepare realistic proposals to guide the representation by the Government of Dominica on behalf of its nationals resident abroad (Diaspora).
  5. To consider and recommend potential avenues for investment, involvement, assistance (including community and charitable donations) by nationals resident abroad (Diaspora) in the homeland.
  6. To investigate and report on opportunities in which Dominica nationals resident abroad (Diaspora) might assist in or contribute to the national development effort, including but not limited to:
    • own-account private direct financial undertakings;
    • indirect (third party) investment instruments;
    • identifying credible sources of non-national foreign direct investment;
    • promotion of Dominica as a desirable place to do business among interests in their respective places of residence;
    • promotion of Dominica as a desirable tourism destination.
  7. To identify and assist in establishing instruments, mechanisms and processes for strengthening the linkages between Dominican nationals abroad (Diaspora) and their homeland.

It is the expectation of the Government of Dominica and of Dominican nationals resident abroad (Diaspora) that on completion and submission of this Project, its recommendations and suggestions will be implemented through appropriate legislation, regulation, directives and guidelines as may be deemed necessary.

( July 5, 2004).