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DAAS Application and Registration Form

    The Dominica Academy of Arts and Sciences (DAAS) invites you to apply for membership to help build this Special Database for mobilising our professional and skilled human resources toward the development of our homeland, the Commonwealth of Dominica. All Dominican nationals at home or overseas or born overseas of Dominican parent/s qualify for membership.

    There are three membership categories:

  1. Regular - any skilled or professional adult Dominican;
  2. Associate - any unemployed Dominican Secondary School Graduate Student;
  3. Honorary - for non-Dominicans who:
    • must be sponsored by a registered member and
    • must indicate in box below their interest in and connection with Dominica.
    Confirmation of Registration:
  1. Applications are reviewed by the Membership Committee
  2. Applicant informed of review results
  3. If accepted, applicant pays annual membership fee shown below to DAAS National Development Fund.


Your Full Name:
Birth Village/Town:
Place of Residence:
E-Mail Address:
(For DAAS use only)
Telephone #:
(For DAAS use only)

Qualification or Trade:

(i) Describe Area of Expertise
(ii) Non-Dominicans to name Sponsor and Interest in, or Connection with Dominica:

Membership Fee Structure is as follows:
  1. Students (Associates) and Honorary members: - exempt
  2. Local Chapter members: - EC $40.00 per annum
  3. US, Canada, UK & European members: - US $40.00 per annum