(Interactive Questionnaire)

    We are conducting this survey at the request of the Government of Dominica in order to develop a more enlightened policy towards Dominicans resident abroad. This will provide some insights into the numbers, locations, concentrations, occupations, interests, needs and capabilities of our nationals abroad. It will also help Government to better structure the delivery of services to Dominicans overseas, as well as address opportunities for job-creating investment at home.
    The information provided is confidential and provision of your name and address is optional. However, if you have no objection to us contacting you for further clarification, we encourage you to provide your name, telephone number or e-mail address.
    We encourage you to inform any other Dominican in the U.S., Canada, U.K. Caribbean or elsewhere, about this questionnaire and invite them to visit our website at
    Many thanks for your help.

Frank Watty (Chair)
543 Anndale Rd, Waterloo, ON. N2K 2E3

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1. In what year did you emigrate from Dominica?
    (a) Were you born of Dominican parents overseas? Yes/No
2. Are you a citizen of the country in which you now live? Yes/No
    (a) In what city, country do you now live?
    (b) State your occupation
    (c) State occupation of your spouse, if married
3. Are you an active member of a group/association of Dominicans? Yes/No
4. How do you maintain contact with what's going on in Dominica?
    By Letter
    By Telephone
    By Newspapers
    By Internet
    By Word of mouth
5. Do you know where your nearest Dominica government representative is located? Yes/No
6. Have you ever made use of Dominica's government representative in your country? Yes/No
7. If yes, what service did you need?
    (a). Was the quality of the service received satisfactory? Yes/No
8. If no, state why not.
9. What would you suggest to improve the quality and delivery of government services that you need?
10. Do you regularly provide assistance and support to family members at home? Yes/No
11. If yes, what was the approximate value of this assistance in 2003 in EC$?
12. Do you wish to be more involved in the future development of Dominica? Yes/No
12a. If yes, in which of the following ways would you be prepared to be involved? a) Offering ideas and suggestions
                 (b). Voting in national elections
                 (c). Making regular charitable donations
                 (d). Purchase of shares in commercial operations
                 (e). Purchase of government bonds offering guaranteed dividends
                 (f). Other (Please state )
13. If an opportunity for buying bonds were available, what would be the likely value of your purchase in EC dollars?                                              a) under $200
  b) $200 - $500
    c) $500 - $1000
    d) $1000 - $2500
    e) $2500 - $5000
    f) $5000- $10000
    g) over $10,000
14. Indicate your minimum expected guaranteed rate of returns. (% per year).
15. Do you intend to return to Dominica on retirement? Yes/No
16. If yes to Q 15, what concerns if any would you have in making such a decision?
17. If yes to Q 15, would you intend to enter gainful employment on you return? Yes/No
18. If no to Q 15, would you be willing to contribute your knowledge, experience, skills or time on a volunteer basis to your community, if the opportunity were provided? Yes/No
19. Have any of your children expressed an interest in returning to Dominica?                  (a) As a place to vacation regularly? Yes/No
                 (b) To settle permanently? Yes/No

20. Please use this section to:
(1) expand answers above, and/or (2) address any other matters of concern to you: