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DAAS Associate Members

ABRAHAM, Ellen (Goodwill); High School Graduate
E-mail Address: Contact Management; Tel: 1 767 448 2169
Awaiting graduation of college in a few weeks and wanting to achieve the Associate's degree in Building Engineering. Aspiring to be an Architectural Engineer and I would love to go to school in New York, City College~ a part of Cuny. I've been in music and art school here in Dominica. CXC -1 grade 4, 1 grade 3, 3 grade 2s, and 5 grade 1s. Finishing college at 17!!..and I am a christian.

CADETTE, Carmen Cynette (Roseau); Electrical Engineering Student
E-mail Address: Contact Management; Tel: 767 449-9906
I wish to work in the feild of Industrial Arts after my studies here at the college.

CARBON, Patrickson; (Portsmouth), Residence: Portsmouth; College A Levels
E-mail Address: Contact Management; Tel: (767) 445-4647
Participation: Paper submission, on Working Committees. Holder of Advanced Level passes. Currently pursuing first degree.

CHRISTIAN, Trudy; (Roseau), Residence: Caslte Comfort. Graduate of D/ca State College
E-mail Address: Contact Management; Tel: (767) 448-4659
Hope to pursue studies at a university aborad in the near future. Medicine is my main career interest.

E-mail Address: Contact Management; Tel: 767 245 6925 / 767 449 6702

COMMODORE Clement Reginald; Tete Morne, Grand Bay; Residence: Mexico; Student Electronical Engineering
E-mail Address: Contact Management; Tel: 015213313233709
Student studying electronical engineering and specializing in manufacturing technology. Fluent spanish speaker.

CUFFY, Fortune (Salisbury); High School Graduate
E-mail Address: Contact Management; Tel: 767-255-3194
I have set my goals for no later than 2006. At that time I would like to have a digree in Computer Science and Business Management.

CUFFY, Violet (Goodwill); Residence: Guildford, Surrey, UK; PhD Researcher (graduate student);
E-mail Address: Contact Management; Tel: 44 079 327 30931
Tourism Education and Training Researcher, Human Resource Development and Training specialist; Tourism Development.

FERREIRA, Omar Anthony; (Goodwill), Residence: New York; DGS Graduate (02')
E-mail Address: Contact Management; Tel: 917-861-3010
Doing a BA in Econ and Pol. Sc. Right now trying to keep my GPA up so I could get into a top JD/PHD program.

FRANCIS, Nympha, (Scott's Head); Residence: Toronto, Canada, C.H.S Graduate
E-mail Address: Contact Management
Writing, and more so, poetry helps me to tune within. It brings out the strength and courage when doubts try to creep in to distract me from my purpose. I am currently working on -Moments- my first publication of my poetry while continuing both my Undergraduate degree and SSW Diploma. Check out some of my work published on Sir Raglan Presents at Book #28 as well as where I have received three Editor's Choice Awards.

GEORGE, Kathleen, (Roseau); Residence: Philadelphia.PA: Community College Student
E-mail Address: Contact Management; Tel: 2157279870
I am from Dominica and I go to school in the States and I want to return to my home land with the knowledge to better my country, with the skills I have learned in the State to better my people. I am in Community College in Philadelphia and want to get a bachelors in Hotel Mabagement.

JEROME, Tabitha (Roseau); College Student
E-mail Address: Contact Management;
Hoping to further studies abroad in structural, mechanical or civil engineering.

JNO BAPTISTE, Christelle (Roseau); Residence: Roseau South; Nine out of ten subjects at CXC
E-mail Address: Contact Management;
Long-term goal: Obeying God's Word and living eternally. I am aspiring to be a Physical Therapist whereby I can attempt to comfort the bodies and hearts of persons physically and spiritually. God's blessings to all.

JNO-CHARLES, Jose, (Salisbury), Residence: Queens, NY; High School Graduate
E-mail Address: Contact Management;
Currently pursuing Associate Degree In Nursing at LaGuardia Community College in NY.

JOSEPH, Francisca Rena (Delices); Residence: New York; Foreign Language Student: French
E-mail Address: Contact Management;
Phi Beta Kappa; Golden Key International Honor Society; National Scholar's Society.

KELSHALL, Desrianne (Roseau); High School Graduate
E-mail Address: Contact Management;
7 O levels

LAKE, Rolando Antonio (Castries, St.Lucia); Residence: Loubeire Dominca; Agric,s.s,English,p.ob;
E-mail Address: Contact Management; Tel: SLU 9758-452-5207; DM 440-2656
Residing with aunt, Pealine Delauny, to obtain tertiary education.

LA RONDE, J. Alex (Roseau); Residence: Baltimore, Maryland, High School Grad.
E-mail Address: Contact Management; Tel: 410-298-5923
High School Grad in the US, now attending the University of Maryland College Park. Hoping to major in Mechanical Engineering.

MARSHALL, Celia, (Kingshill); Residence: Montserrat. CXC General Proficiency
E-mail Address: Contact Management; Tel: 6644921579
I aspire to be a Gynocologist.

PASCAL, Genise Shamma Terrylina, (Roseau), Residence: St.Lucia; D.G.S. Graduate
E-mail Address: Contact Management; Tel: 1 (758) 287-2527
I also possess seven grade two general passes in Maths, English, Social Studies, Integrated Science, Principles of Business, Princiiples of Accounts and Spanish at the CXC level.

PETER, Kezah Maureen Kyran (Canefield); CXC
E-mail Address: Contact Management; Tel: 1 767 449 1055
To attain my Masters in Architecture, Quantity Surveying and Law.

POPO,Kedron; (Copthall); Residence: Copthall; College Student/coach
E-mail Address: Contact Management; Tel: 448-0135
Well experienced in dealing with young children and involved in executive functions of college clubs.

ROLLE, Gail (Wotten Waven); Electrical Engineering Student
E-mail Address: Contact Management;
In the near furture i would like to become a major in computer engineering.

ROYER, Rachel; (Tarreau, Roseau); Residence: Tarreau Village; Graduate High School student;
E-mail Address: Contact Management; Tel: (767) 276-3055
. I attended the Isaiah Thomas Secondary School where I was participating in a peer consellor program and an individual with great leadership qualities. I graduated from ITSS with a General Grade 'C' in academic achievements and a grade 'A+' for general deportment.

ST.MARIE, Christine (Roseau); Convent High School;CDCC ('97-'99)
E-mail Address: Contact Management; Tel: 44-03491(W)448-5096
My goal is to be a professional Journalist.

VICTORINE, Nellica (Grand Bay); Residence: Wall House; High School Diploma
E-mail Address: Contact Management;
I have given to my country and the Government of the Commonwealth of Dominica 17 years of dedicated service. Now, I am pursuing an Associates Degree in Pyschology at the Dominica State College after which I hope to seek to further my education in the field of Busines and Psychology or Computers and Psychology.

End of DAAS Associate Members

AARON, Philbert; (Portsmouth); BA(Hons) French, MS(Curriculum & Ins.)
E-mail Address: Contact
Management; Tel: 301-871-3052
Dominica Independence First Prize Poetry: -(Creole)Donmnik Byen bouzwen yon ben mawaj; (English) -Twilight at Prince Rupert's Bay; 1994 Plays: Silence, Seven Seas. Licence-es-Lettres: Universite du Benin, Lome, Togo, West Africa. BA research: Problems of communication in Togolese Literature of French Expression. MS: Emporia State University, Emporia, Kansas, USA.

ADEBIYI, Raymond F. (Lagos, Nigeria); Residence: Goodwill, Dominica; PhD (Chemical Pathology/Immunology)
E-mail Address: Contact Management; Tel: 767-255-6230
28 years medical school teaching experience; Many academic scholarships and fellowships in Nigeria, United States of America, United Kingdom and Switzerland; Professor of Immunology and Medical Microbiology since 1992.

ADONIS, Agnes; (Colihaut, Dominica); MA(dist.)
E-mail Address: Contact Management; Tel: 0207 370 5194, London
MA(dist.) in Diplomatic Studies.

ADRIEN, Elizabeth C. (Brooklyn, NY); BS; MA
E-mail Address: Contact Management; Tel: 718-270-6945
Affiliation: American Political Science Assoc; Rosie Douglas Foundation. BS (Business Administratio), MA (Political Science).

ADRIEN, Rosamund, UK (Dominican parentage); MBA, BA(Hons), DipSW
E-mail Address: Contact Management;
MBA - Human Resources and Information Systems; BA(Hons) - Social Work; DipSW - Social Work professional practioner diploma; ECDL/ICDL - Microsoft Office Suite; OCR - Teacher's Certificate; C & G Website Design, Development and Management; Cambridge Information Technology Certificate.

ADRIEN-ROBERTS, Wynante, (Pointe Michel); LL.B, LL.M; Attorney -at- Law
E-mail Address: Contact Management; Tel: 1-767-448-3538
Bachelor of Laws ( University of the West Indies); Master of Laws (International Trade & Comparative Law)

ALADE, Adeyemi; (Lagos); Residence: Maryland; M.S.
E-mail Address: Contact Management; Tel: 443-414-5692
Participation: Design and Manufacturing Engineering. Interested in developing linkages with fellow scientists and entrepreneurs in the Dominican and African Diaspora.

ALEXANDER-ELWIN, Cecilia; (Goodwill); BSc.
Tel: 301-362-4639
BSc. Marine Science, MDSU. (1991) Convent High School

ALFRED, Peter, (Marigot); BSc., MBA
E-mail Address: Contact Management; Tel: 876-969-6281
Bachelor of Science, Livestock Science from the Agricultural University of Havana, 1985 MBA, Honors, Manchester Business School & University of Wales,2000. Currently Manager of Import/Export, Inter-Caribe Limited, Kingston, Jamaica. Specializing in Cuban Trade with Jamaica.

ALIE, Kelvin, (Goodwill, Roseau); Residence: Massachusetts, U.S.A; Diploma, MSc, MA
E-mail Address: Contact Management;
Diploma Forestry (Cyprus Forestry College)

ALLAN, Catherina Cheryl, (Laplaine); Business Administration (Managment) B.B.A (Hons)
E-mail Address: Contact Management; Tel: 301.847.3192
Ms Allan is currently working as a Legal Assistant with an international insurance litigation law firm based in Washington, D.C. She is also the Executive Secretary of the Roosevelt Douglas Foundation(RDF). Ms. Allan graduated from the Dominica Grammar School in 1982 and was a successful entrepreneur while reading for her Certificate of Business Administration from the University of the West Indies, which she earned in 1994. In that same year, she pursued studies leading to the L.L.B (Part 1) with the University of the West Indies (Cave Hill) via the UWIDITE Challenge program. In 1995, she attended Howard University's School of Business where she graduated cum laude with a B.B.A in Management in 1998. Ms. Allan honed her management knowledge and practical experience during her tenure in the Hospitality and Commercial Property Management industries.

ALLEN, Angela Kerri; (London, England - Dominican parent); Residence: Washington, D.C.; B.A., MA (Government & Public Policy)
E-mail Address: Contact Management; Tel: 757-581-6211
Participation: working committees; paper submission. Undergraduate degree in Government and Masters Degree in Public Policy (both with honors) with an emphasis on International Relations in the Caribbean Basin and Latin America (focus on international trade, economic development and security). Currently work for The Heritage Foundation, a public policy organization in DC.

ALLEYNE, Candia (Roseau); Residence: (Castries, St. Lucia); BSc. Natural Sciences, MSc. Nutrition
E-mail Address: Contact Management; Tel: 758 453-2709
Project Management. Teacher at Secondary School in Chemistry, Biology and Integrated Science, as well as Agriculture. Head of Science Department and Deputy Principal, Dominica Grammar School. First Principal, and founding member of the Dominica Community High School. Yam Virus Research Assistant, CARDI, Barbados Executive Director, Grenada Food and Nutrition Council. Curriculum Development, Saskatchewan Indian Community College; Project manager in education projects between Canadian tertiary institutions and Caribbean and African tertiary institutions from 1986-92. Project Manager, EU funded Tertiary Education Project, OECS Education Reform Unit. Presently, Head, OECS Education Reform Unit.

ALLEYNE, Maxine C. (Goodwill); Residence: Belfast, Mahaut; MBA, BSc (Management & Economics)
E-mail Address: Contact Management; Tel: (767) 235 3402
Participation: On Working Committees (Tourism, Other) Professional experience gained in Marketing, Tourism & Hospitality, Entertainment

ANDRE, Irving; Curacao; Residence: Toronto; Criminal Law Specialist
E-mail Address: Contact Management; Tel: 905-796-1419
Criminal Law, Dominican literature

ARMOUR, Frederick K; (Roseau); Residence: Hartford, Connecticut; BSc Accounting, MBA & Certified Fraud Examiner
E-mail Address: Contact Management; Tel: (860) 667 4444
Participation: Accounting/Auditing. I am currently working as a staff auditor for the State of Connecticut. Our primary function is the audit of any agency which receives federal and state aid in excess of $300,000. I am directly involved in the testing for compliance, internal controls, performance, and whistleblower. Ultimately we provide recomendations for each agency.

ASTAPHAN, Anthony W, S.C.; (Roseau); Residence: St. Aroment; Attorney at Law
E-mail Address: Contact Management; Tel: 767 448 3841
Law and information.

ASTAPHAN, (née Tavernier), Jennifer (Coulibistrie); MPH. LLB, Attorney at Law
E-mail Address: Contact Management; Tel: 758-452-9830/767-448-8420

ASTAPHAN, Michael, (Roseau); Residence: Canefield; MSc (Management Engineering)
E-mail Address: Contact Management; Tel: 767-449-1269
MSc Management Engineering.

AUGUISTE, Rev. Matthew; (Woodfordhill); Associate degree in Thoelogy
E-mail Address: Contact Management; Tel: 1-767-445-8747
Presently persuing batchelor's degree in Human Resource Management and Development. My goal is to complete a Master's degree in this field.

AUGUSTINE, Alexander E; (Delices); Residence: St. Kitts: CGA, MSc, (Finance), BSc (Hons)
E-mail Address: Contact Management; Tel: 1-869-466-7869
Participation: Financial Donation. Certified General Accountant. Masters of Science - Finance; Bachelor of Science - Economics and Management. Currently Manager, Corporate Finance at the Eastern Caribbean Home Mortgage Bank.

AUGUSTINE, Desmond (Delices); Diploma Electronics
E-mail Address: Contact Management; Tel: 323-938-4897
Delices Govt.School(1978), Dominica Grammar School(1984), Los Angeles Trade Tech Academy (Diploma Electronics-1996). Logistics Technician, United Parcel Service (UPS), Los Angeles, CA (1989-Present). Married, Sheila Gardner One child, Chelsea Augustine.

AUGUSTINE, Judith, (Portsmouth); Residence: Kansas City, Kansas; BA (German), BS (Education)
E-mail Address: Contact Management; Tel: 913 488 558
Participation: finafncial, paper, working committee. I graduated from Kansas University with a BA in German, BS in education. I was a Real Estate Broker in US for 17 years. I attended Ross University Medical School where I completed basic sciences/ one year surgery rotation. Married a Dominican, adopted a Dominican child. Lived in Da 8 years. Obtained permanent residency. Started a web page for Dominican children in Princess Margaret Hospital. Presently I live in the United States where I am an Emergency Medical Technician (EMT-b), and am studying for United States Medical Licensing Exam.

AUGUSTINE, Lee-ann, (Roseau); Residence: Roseau; Degree in Mass Communication
E-mail Address: Contact Management; Tel: 767-276-1938
I am trying to become a lawyer.

BAPTISTE, Justina, (Delices); Residence: Philadelphia, PA, USA; M.D.
E-mail Address: Contact
Medical Degree

BARDOUILLE, Cecil; (Bradford, England); BEng. HONS
E-mail Address: Contact Management;
BEng. HONS - Computer Aided Engineering. AMIMechE, AMIEE. Experience (outside of design engineering): 3 Years construction.

BEAUPIERRE, Delbert Francis (La Plaine); B.Sc.(Eng);
E-mail Address: Contact Management; Tel: 1 767 440 0668, 1 767 448 2829
Bachelor of Science (Civil Engineering).

BELLOT, Naomi Ruth; (St.Thomas, Virgin Islands); Residence: Arizona, USA; B.A. (Sociology and Criminal Justice)
E-mail Address: Contact Management; Tel: 480 363 5013
My academic goals include completing my PhD degree at Arizona State University in the School of Justice and Social Inquiry. My academic achievements include conducting research during my undergraduate experience at the university of Delaware in the following areas: Ronald E. McNair Scholar: University of Delaware, Newark, DE (Jan. 2001-2003); "Capital Jury Project" (Summer, 2001); "Voices from Delaware's Death Penalty Battlefield - Legal Consciousness Among Capital Defense Attorneys" (Summer, 2002); United States Virgin Islands Attorney General's Office (Intern): St. Thomas, VI (Winter Session 2002).

BELLOT, Parry R. (Roseau); Residence: Wallhouse; Degree in Food Technology
E-mail Address: Contact Management; Tel: 448-1639 or 616-1639
Making Dominica more efficient, more productive, more progressive.

BENJAMIN-TELEMAQUE, Athenia, (Wesley); Residence: Toronto, Canada;
E-mail Address: Contact Management; Tel: 416-314-4097
Presently Secretary, Assistant Treasurer, DAAS Exec. Committee. 15 years administrative experience with 13 years of employment with the Provincial Government of Ontario. Attended Seneca College of Applied Arts and Technology- Office Administration. Presently attending York University - Bachelor of Administrative Studies. Received appreciation awards from the Premier of Ontario for work with United Way and Federated Health Campaigns. Present employment with the Ministry of Environment, Freedom of Information Office as an FOI Program Assistant. Formerly, PRO Commonwealth of Dominica Ontario Association, Toronto. Attended numerous seminars and courses related to work within the Ontario Public Service. Past Employment" 1989 - 2003, Ministry of Skills Development - Secretary; Ministry of Colleges and Universities - Admin Supervisor; Ministry of Transportation - Admin Coordinator; Ministry of Attorney General, Young Offenders and Family Court Mediation and Admin Coordinator and Ministry of Environment - Program Assistant.

BERNABE Jr. Rupert B.; Residence: Canefield; B.Sc. (Computer Science), MBA
E-mail Address: Contact Management; Tel: 767 500 0526.

BERNARD, Joan A, (Roseau); RN., LLB.
E-mail Address: Contact Management;
Attended Wellesley High School. Graduated from Nursing School, Vancover, BC. Attended York University, Osgoode Hall Law School, Ontario Canada. Called to Ontario Bar 1998.

BERTHET, Thierry; ( Avignon, France); Residence: Villa Carlos Paz (Argentina); MBA, MS, MA
E-mail Address: Contact Management
Participation: Discussion Paper / business plans review / entrepreneurship network. MBA, MS in International Relations, expert in project management and skills assessment, rector of the Université Multiculturelle Internationale.

BIRMINGHAM, Marvlyn Rosa, (Laudat - born in Antigua); Residence: Dominica; BSc, MBA
E-mail Address: Contact Management; Tel: 767 448 4490
Participate on working committees. BSc (Public Sector Management), MBA (Human Resource management option)

BLAIZE, Acklyn; (Canefield), Residence: Basseterre, St Kitts; BSc Management (UWI)
E-mail Address: Contact Management;
BSc Management (UWI). Certified Private Office Administrator. CDCC A Level subjects. CXC O Level subjects. Currently working on financial programming/monitoring for structural and debt adjustments in the caribbean territories.

BLANCHARD Ian , (Morne Daniel, Dominica); BTEC; MBA
E-mail Address: Contact Management; Tel: 767-255-3146
Business Technology; General Manager, Cable & Wireless. BTEC (Higher National Diploma in Engineering); MBA, (International Business).

BLANCHARD, Reggie; (Roseau); Residence: P.O. Box 1216, University, MS 38677, USA; B.A.
E-mail Address: Contact Management;
B.A (Broadcasting/Criminal Justice).

BOAZ, Noel T.; (Portsmouth); BA. (U Virginia); MA, PhD (U Cal Berkeley)
E-mail Address: Contact Management; Tel: H-445-4031; O-255-6500 X6225
(i) Professor of Anatomy and Director of Research Development at Ross University School of Medicine; former Director of Virginia Museum of Natural History (USA) and former faculty member at UCLA, New York University, and George Washington University before coming to Ross University; 60+ scientific papers and 8 authored or co-edited books in biological anthropology and anatomy; completion of M.D. degree in Sept 2004.
(ii) I am one of the principal investigators in the Dominican Centenarian Study, which has documented one of the world's highest prevalances of individuals living to over 100 years of age. I have broad interests in biomedicine, and specific expertise in forensic anthropology, paleoanthropology, and museum acience and administration.

BRADE, Matthew Elridge; (St. Joseph); Residence: Dominica; B.Sc, MBA, CGA
E-mail Address: Contact Management; Tel: 1-767-4496036
Certified General Accountant / Graduate Teacher.

BREEDY, McPherson, (Goodwill / Canefield); Residence: Buffalo N.Y; Graduate (Clifton Dupigney Tech. Colledge).
E-mail Address: Contact Management; Tel: 716-713-7320
Participation: anywhere I can to help. Worked from 1987-1990 as Coordinator of the USAID/UWI Caribbean Justice Improvement Project with Dr. N.J.O. Liverpool. Business - have managed Napa Auto Partsfor 8 years in Dominica, Senior Supervisor Mitsubishi Motors Dominica for 1.5 years before moving to the USA where i presently with NAPA Auto Parts and own rental flats (Nature Island Homes)

BROWN, Avril (nee Robinson); (Portsmouth); B.A - Spanish; B.A - Pol Sci; M.Ed - Curric.
E-mail Address: Contact Management;
Currently I work as a teacher with the Toronto Board of Ed. I am working on my professional qualifications (Reading Specialist). In the next few months I hope to put together a proposal for funding in order to mount a summer reading workshop for Primary/Intermediate School teachers in Dominica. My goal is to be able to mount these programs periodically.

BRUNEY, Alvin (Canefield), Residence, Canada; BS (Computer Science)
E-mail Address: Contact Management;
Author: Microsoft Office Web Components Black Book with .NET (Dec 2004) -Microsoft Most Valuable Professional. Currently, there are 1200 Microsoft MVP's out of a pool of 10 Million. ( -Sr. Software Engineer specializing in web development and .NET technologies. Currently consulting on .NET projects in the telecom field. -Published numerous technical articles, white papers, and walkthrus on various parts of .NET technology. Papers/articles available on -Resource person (volunteer basis) for various public newsgroups among them (microsoft.public.dotnet.framework,*.caching,*components,*framework,*, c# newsgroups. Host and maintain a web site for .NET evandalism

BRUNEY, David; (London)Residence: UK; Masters, Project Management
E-mail Address: Contact Management;
David Bruney has over 15 years experience in delivering business benefits through effective leadership, in private and public sector organisations. He has a Masters in Project Management from the George Washington University. He is a certified Project Management Professional, a member of the Project Management Institute (PMI) and he has been employed in the capacity of Project Manager by world-class management consultancy and technology firms in Europe. His employers include Capgemini, Oracle, PeopleSoft, Cisco Systems and Xerox Corporation. David Bruney is of Dominican heritage and was born in London, UK. He spent the first seven years of his life in Dominica. David Bruney travels frequently throughout the world, however his favourite destination is to Dominica, where he can visit family, friends, and make new business relationships. He has toured Dominica more than 10 times including the challenging hike to the Boiling Lake. He is very familiar with Dominica's nature and culture. He is a keen Mountain Biker and Scuba Diver. David Bruney is especially interested in projects which seek to develop Dominica's capacity within the information technology and ecotourism sectors.

BRUNEY, Gyale S. (Coulibistrie); Residence: Old Bridge, N.J.; AA, BA
E-mail Address: Contact Management; Tel: 732 553 9792
Participation: Donations. 1985-1990 - Convent High School; 1992-1994 (CDCC graduate); AA (Business Admistration) - Brookdale Comm College; BA (Information Systems) - Rutgers University. Currently pursuing MBA - Rutgers Business School. Member of National Association of Black Engineers, Rutgers University Alumi Assocation.

BRUNEY, Rawlins (Goodwill)
E-mail Address: Contact Management; Tel: 767 448 2014
Chartered Electrical (Power) Engineer.

BRUNO, Donny L. (Massacre); BSc.
E-mail Address: Contact Management;
BSc. Surveying Engineering Technology.

BRYAN, CLayton; (Goodwill), Residence: River Estate, Canefield. BPharm, MSc
E-mail Address: Contact Management;
Participation: Paper Submission. MSc in Pharmaceutical Services & Medicines Control, University of Bradford, UK

BUCHANAN, Dr. Relva C; (Port Antonio, Jamaica); Residence: Cincinnati, USA; Chemical & Materials Engr.
E-mail Address: Contact Management; Tel: 513-556-3190; 513-231-6888(H)
Professor of Chemical & Materials Engineering.

BUCKMIRE, Malcolm; (Goodwill); Diploma (Electrical/Electronic Eng.)
E-mail Address: Contact Management; Tel: 1(767)245-8675
Participation: As member.

BULLY, Alwin: (Roseau); Residence: Kingston, Jamaica; B.A. (Arts and Humanities)
E-mail Address: Contact Management; Tel: 876 978 2852
Participation: Working Committee. International Relations; arts and culture; cultural industries

BULLY, Anita Lorraine, (Roseau); Residence: Kingston, Jamaica; MA (Mathematics), BA (Math & Economics)
E-mail Address: Contact Management; Tel: (876)978-2852
Presently a free lance consultant in Small Business Development and Arts Management. Recent work has been focussed on Arts Management and includes: the development of a National Strategy and Action Plan to Develop Entertainment and Cultural Tourism in Dominica for the NDC funded by CPEC; Marketing Dominica as a film location - was instrumental in getting Disney to consider Dominica as a location for the filming of the sequels to Pirates of the Caribbean - Curse of the Black Pearle in Dominica; Now finalizing (i)an Impact Assessment on the filming of Pirates of the Caribbean 2/3 in Dominica for the NDC and (ii)a National Cultural Policy for Dominica commisioned by CARICAD for the Ministry of Community Development.
Other recent work include coordinating a pilot project "Inspire and Educate" for Women in Film and Television Jamaica Chapter. This project was piloted in one primary school and one secondary school and produced six short films which will be showcased in November 2005, one of the films was launched at the Flash Point Film Festival in Negril, Jamaica earlier this year. I was production manager on four of those films. I was also a member of the Entertainment Cluster of the Jamaica Cluster Competitiveness Project which focused on strategies for moving the Jamaican Music Industry Forward.
In 2001 I conducted a study for the Government of Dominica on the status of Curriculum Development in primary and secondary schools in Dominica and prepared a strategy document outlining the processes and activities for the implementation of a National Curriculum. I also conducted an audit of nine OECS islands in 2001 to determine the status of the Film Industry in those islands for the Commonwealth Fund for Technical Cooperation (CFTC) and the Export Development Unit of the OECS.
I have been a part-time lecturer at the Edna Manley College of the Visual and Performing Arts from 1996 to present teaching Dance Management and Events Management.

BULLY, Collin.E. (Roseau); Residence: Castle Comfort, Dominica; B.Sc. (Agric), M.Sc. (Rural Planning)
E-mail Address: Contact Management; Tel: 767 448 2345
Academic Interests - Development Policy Formulation/Implementation. Acheivements: Agricultural Advisor/Chief Technical officer, Ministry of Agriculture, Dominica; Programme Manager, OECS Agricultural Diversification Unit; Executive Director, OECS Export Development Unit.

CAMPBELL, Susan; Montreal, Canada; Residence: Hull-Gatineau, QC, Canada; Ph.D. in Caribbean History (1995)
E-mail Address: Contact
Participation: Paper submission. I wrote a paper on Carib sovereignty for the UWI Dominica country conference. Subsequently, I have found that 100,000 Africans were brought to Dominica by the British slavetrade (most of these people were dispersed to Martinique and Guadeloupe). I am presently training in museums/archives work (including preservation) and may be able to be useful to Dominica (eg. the archives) in this area also.

CANOVILE, Rogers; (Thibaud); Residence: Springfield, Massachusetts; BSEE;
E-mail Address: Contact Management; Tel: 1 (413) 733 0671
Participation: On Working Committees. P.S.S GRAD. 1994, CDCC GRAD 1996, CCNY GRAD 2003 OPERATIONS ENGINEER, NATIONAL GRID (MASS. ELECTRIC)

CARBON, Esther A; (Woodford Hill): Residence: Newtown B.Sc. (Hons.) Agriculture: (Biodiversity and policy scientist)
E-mail Address: Contact Management; Tel: 1 767 245 3632; Residence: Newtown.
I am a trained agricultural scientist with interest in soils and genetics. I have experience in education, biotechnology and recent experience in biodiversity conservation and policy.

CASEY, Roy (Point Carib, Grand Bay); Medical Lab. Technology
E-mail Address: Contact Management; Tel: 718 345 9454
(1985 to 1998) owned and operated a construction company; (1998 to 1999) was a consultant to a major housing complex in Riverdale New York; (1999 to June 2001) was employed as an Account Executive for a major office dealership in the New York and New Jersey area; From june 2001 opened my own dealership in the New York, New Jersey and Connecticut area. Participated in several organisations such as: National Association Minority Business, Brooklyn Chamber of commerce, Caribbean American Chamber of Commerce, National Association Of Minority Contractors, Regional Alliance, New York State Association Of minority Contractors, AMENY, New York-New Jersey Purchasing Council, Member of Advisory Board to the President of Down State Medical Center. Was founding member of AAACE.(African American Architects Contractors and Engineers) an organisation which looked at Africa as a new frontier to engage in business activities.

CHALLENGER Geoffrey; (Massacre/Roseau); Diploma[film prod.]; BSc.[maths&Sci.]
E-mail Address: Contact Management; Tel: 020-8252-7637 ; 07939054251
I worked in the motion picture industry in the uk for ten years.At present I am a mathematics tutor.

CHALLENGER, Jefferson, (Mahaut); Residence: Cedar Rapids, Iowa, USA; BSc. Electrical Engineering
E-mail Address: Contact Management; Tel: (319)369-9829 Participation: On Working Committee. BSc. Electrical Engineering.

CHALMERS, Ormond C; (Goodwill); B.B.A.
E-mail Address: Contact Management; Tel: 905 460 1811
Business administration.

CHARLES, Amos, (Portsmouth); Residence: London England; BT International Telegragh Operator(RET)
E-mail Address: Contact Management; Tel: +(44)02088076522
In the advent of the Internet any commercial communication was done through the system of cablegram/telex/teleprinters for hard copies of documents.This is the area I was employed for 30 years until retirement where anything to do with telegraphy was in house trained to a certificate of HND and due to security of that employment and the importance of that field at that time did not necessitate to seek any further accolade.The Internet and Computers made my kind of poeple redundant

CHARLES, Garth; (Roseau); Residence: Ft, Lauderdale. Florida; Marketing
E-mail Address: Contact Management; Tel: 561-715-4256

CHARLES, Laureen, (Marigot); Residence: Los Angeles, CA; BS, Attorney at Law
E-mail Address: Contact Management; Tel: 310-383-8997
Participation: Working Committees, Contact Person. To become an attorney specializing in Business Law.

CHARLES, Ronald; (Coulibistrie); Residence: Abbotsford, British Columbia, Canada; BSc(Agriculture); MSc
E-mail Address: Contact Management;
Participation: working committees. Agriculturist(Regional Manager) with the BC Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Fisheries. Experience in agricultural extension, industry development and program planning, adult education and marketing.

CHARLES, William R, (Delices), Residence: River Estate, Canefield; Electrical Engineering;
E-mail Address: Contact Management; Tel: 767-500-6778/767-245-6914
Participation: Telecommunications Engineering. Telecommunications Consultant, Presently Tele-Traffic & Networks Manager,Telecoms Company. Director of Global Communications Connections, Satellite Networks & Communications solutions, Telecommunications Regulatory Issues.Installation of the first Satellite standard (B) earth station in Dominica. General VSAT and other satellite instalations and comissioning. Associated with Clemson University, American Distance Education Consortium, Tachyon Networks Incorporated, United States Telecommunications Training Institute Alumni, Member of the Society of Cable Telecommunications Engineers

CHASSEAU, Gerard C. (New Town/Roseau); Residence: Atlanta, Georgia; B.S., J.D.
E-mail Address: Contact Management;
Participation: Possible Working Committee. B.S., Public Administration and Management, University of Massachusetts/Boston; J.D., University of Connecticut School of Law. Areas of practice:- Civil Rights, Social Security, Administrative law. Areas of interest: International Law/Organizations, Non-Profit Foundations (Formation/Consulting), Education Law.

CHRISTIAN, Edmund E. (Accra, Ghana); Residence: Reston, Virginia; Patent Attorney, B.S. Civil/Mechanical
E-mail Address: Contact Management; Tel: (703)-904-7526
Would be happy to consult with anyone interested in Intellectual Property Protection Issues (Patents Trademarks and Copyrights. My Grandfather was Dominican and emigrated to Ghana W.A. I maintain significant contacts with my relatives in Dominica and the United States.

CHRISTIAN, Gabriel J., Esq.; (Goodwill, Dominica); CEL; BBA-Procurement & Public Contracting, University of the District of Columbia(1986); Juris Doctor (1990).
E-mail Address: Contact Management; Tel: 301-218-9400
Graduate of the Dominica Grammar School (1977) Sixth Form College (1979); Organization of American States Scholar 1984-1986; Georgetown University Law Center (1990). He authored Rain On A Tin Roof and co-authored In Search of Eden (Dominica, The Travails of a Caribbean Mini-State) with Irving Andre.

CHRISTIAN, Lawson M (St. Joseph Dominica); Licensed Professional Engineer- Civ. Eng.
E-mail Address: Contact Management; Tel: (516) 565-0689
Graduated: Dominica Grammar School 1973; Higher National Diploma, Civil Engineering,Trent Polytechnic, Nottingham, England 1978; Bachelor of Engineering, Civil Engineering, City College of New York,1989

CHRISTIAN, Samuel J.; (Newtown); MD
E-mail Address: Contact Management; Tel: 419 937-5825
Board certified general surgeon

CHRISTIAN, Theresa Hildreth; (Goodwill); Residence: Frederick, Maryland; B.S., M.S. (Environmental Science), A.A.S. (Marine Science)
E-mail Address: Contact Management;
Participation: Financial Donation, Paper Submission. Attended the Dominica Grammar School and the Sixth Form College. Conducted undergraduate work at the University of the District of Columbia and pursued graduate studies at the American University in Washington, DC. Environmental Scientist, B.S., M.S. Environmental Science - Magna cum laude; A.A.S. Marine Science. Researcher - Gulf of Mexico/North Atlantic - National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration (NOAA). Certified Environmental Inspector/Specialist - Environmental Assessment Association (EAA). Certified Hazardous Waste Site Worker - HAZMAT (Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) Compliant). Certified Floodplain Manager (Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) - Pending. Presently engaged in completing Flood Insurance Studies and Letters of Map Amendments for the Federal Emergency Management Agency in Beltsville, Maryland.

CLARKE, Sharon M. (Portsmouth); Residence: USA; Ph.D. (MAthematics),
E-mail Address: Contact Management; Tel: (310) 506-7930
Participation: Paper Submission. Asst Prof. in Math. B.S. - MAthematics (Howard University - 1997). M.S. - MAthematics (University of Iowa - 1999). Ph.D.- MAthematics (University of Iowa - 2003)

COCHRAN, Gregory Damian (Royer); (Roseau); Residence: Florida; B.S.; MBA
E-mail Address: Contact Management; Tel: (321) 722-3463
A.S. Buisness Administration; A.S. Psychology; B.S. Buisness Administration; B.S. Psychology; Masters Buisness Administration. Lieutenant Colonel United States Army.

COIPEL, Jerry, (Roseau); Residence: King's Hill, Dominica; Primary School Principal;
E-mail Address: Contact Management
INTERESTS: Information Technology; Sports - Football - Coach with the Newtown Juvenile Academy; Drama - Member of New Dimensions Theatre.

CORBETT, Julius J. (Atkinson), Residence: Hyde Park, Boston, MA; B.Sc. M.S. CGFM
E-mail Address: Contact Management; Tel: (617)-361-1952
Experienced professional in banking and finance.

CUFFY, Fr. Franklyn A., (Aruba N.A); Residence: Eggleston; C.Ss.R
E-mail Address: Contact Management; Tel: 767 4486776
Participation: Redemptorist. R.C. Catholic Priest.

CUFFY, Valantine A. (Goodwill); Residence: Everton Estate, Fond Baron; Pharmacist
E-mail Address: Contact Management; Tel: 1 767 449-8600
Val is also an Event Coordinator and Soca Artist.

DANGLEBEN, Dale; (Siboulie/Pointe Michel); BS, M.D., Surgical Resident
E-mail Address: Contact
Management; Tel: 610-398-1808
BS - Chemistry - Hunter College, Magna Cum Laude, Chemistry honors, Jonas Salk Award; M.D - Penn State School of Medicine

DANIEL, Vera (Trafalgar); B.Sc. in Accounting
E-mail Address: Contact Management; Tel: 1 813 805 2386
Soon to obtain Masters & CPA in Accounting.

DANIEL, Vernon Ibrahim; (Portsmouth); Residence: Portsmouth, Dominica; Pre-grad Student (Agronomy)
E-mail Address: Contact Management; Tel: 1-767- 445 5288
Participation: Paper Submissions. Soon to complete first degree in Agronomy, specialized in Agroecology. Assistant trainer in Agricultural Development Projects at the University. Certificate in Spanish Language. Graduate Diploma from the Portsmouth Secondary School. I´m hoping to participate and work in areas where extensive research, writing, management, design and technical skills are required preferably within the field of Sustainable Agricultural Development and Implementation of New Technologies in Agriculture

DARROUX, Cheryl C. (Roseau), Residence: Boston, USA; B.A., Political Science
E-mail Address: Contact Management;
I have been a public servant for the Government of Dominica for over ten (10) years and my expertise is in Administrative Support. I am now a holder of a Bachelor's Degree in Political Science and intend to use that to further my career in the public service by helping my government to raise the standard of living for all Dominicans.

DAVID, Adison Milton; (Goodwill); Residence: Texas; MBA
E-mail Address: Contact Management; Tel: 940 224 6137
MBA Degree,

DEFOE, Deidre M.; (Roseau); M.D., MPH
E-mail Address: Contact Management; Tel: 703 370 6754
BSc. USC, '93; M.D., Howard '94; MPH, Johns Hopkins School of Public Health; '95 Obstetrics and Gynecology/Private Practice, Fairfax, Reston.

DELSOL, Frances, (Grand Bay); C.P.P., B.A.
E-mail Address: Contact Management; Tel: 416-596-9836
Certified Professional Purchaser; Graduate Diploma - Supply Chain and Logistics, Penn State Univ. PA; BA - Information Management, Ryerson Univ. Toronto.

DENIS-COOPER, Freda (Washington, DC); B.Sc. Accounting
E-mail Address: Contact Management; Tel: 301-408-1404
Administrator, Department of Family Medicine, Georgetown University Medical Center, Washington, DC. A proud Dominican by adoption; author of "Stones Unturned" (2000).

DESCHAMPS, Ronald; (Loubiere); Residence: East Orange, New Jersey; B.Sc Arch, M.Sc Arch
E-mail Address: Contact Management; Tel: 917 774 4762

DICENZO, Panfilo; Residence: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA; Drug and Alcohol Therapist
E-mail Address: Contact Management; Tel: 1-412-875-0020
Participation: Consultant. I am the Executive Director of a recovery center for addictions in the U.S.A. and we plan to open a center in the Carib Territory. I have visited and have seen for myself the tremendous need for help for those addicted and for prevention amongst the youth.

DOMINIQUE, Philip A. (GrandBay); Residence: Baldwin, N.Y; BA, MS, PD-Administration/Supervision
E-mail Address: Contact Management; Tel: H:516-868-5414; W:718-636-4725
Participation: On Working Committee / Financial Achievement: Principal of P.S. 241K - a NYC public school.

DOUGLAS-MURDOCK, Athlene , (Trafalgar); M.Ed
E-mail Address: Contact Management; Tel: 449-6386 (W), 448-4455(H)
Principal , Secondary School. Affiliation: Dominica Assoc. of Principals of Secondary Schools.

DUPIE, Vanessa M. (Roseau); Residence: Canada; Sales & Services Coordinator
E-mail Address: Contact Management; Tel: 416-773-1660
ISO Internal Auditor; Frontend Management.

DURAND, Abraham J. (Petite Soufriere); Residence: Goodwill: B.Sc. Business Education
E-mail Address: Contact Management; Tel: 1 767 448 5317
Development of ICT in Education and Distance Learning opportunities for Dominican and OECS region students.

DURAND, Carol Angela; London, UK (Mother is Dominican); Residence: London,UK; BA (Hons) Dance and Drama, PGCE Dance
E-mail Address: Contact Management;
Participation: Research in Performing Arts.Research in cultural dance and Movement Therapy. Bachelor of Arts, Dance, Middlesex University,UK. Postgraduate certificate in dance teaching for secondary schools. TEFEL certificate in the teaching of English as a second language.

EDMUNDS, Dr. Joseph E. (Bridgetown, Barbados); Residence: USA; Ph.D
E-mail Address: Contact
Former Director of Research and Development of the Windward Islands Banana Research and Development Center, Former Ambassador of St. Lucia to the UN, OAS, and US, International Consultant.

EDWARDS, Fern Avril, (Canefield); Residence: Dallas Texas; BS Chemistry
E-mail Address: Contact Management; Tel: 214-329-4270
Presently pursuing a PHD in Chemistry at University of Texas at Dallas.

EDWARDS, A. Geoffrey (La. Roche, Delices); Residence: Queens, New York; AAS/BA/BS/MA.
E-mail Address: Contact Management; Tel: 718-340-4223

ELI-ORR, Rosalinde; ( Roseau); Management Royal Mail (U.K.)
E-mail Address: Contact Management; Tel: 0208 578 5506
Left C.H.S. with 5 "O" levels. Studied Sociology. Did the Preliminary Training (3 months) to become a Nurse but left to join Royal Mail (U.K.) where I worked for 35 years - during the last 25 years in a Managerial role. Recently, I have began studying for an NVQ in Foster Care with Social Services.

ELWIN, Saraya; (Goodwill); Residence: Toronto, Canada; Completing MA, (Pol. Sci. & Int. Dev.)
E-mail Address: Contact Management
I am currently a graduate student completing a collaborative MA in Political Science and International Development at the University of Guelph in Canada. I graduated from York University (Canada) with an undergrad in Sociology and Latin America and Caribbean Studies.... applying to begin a PhD in September in Political Science. Currectly I am completing my research on the impact of SAPs on women in Domininca. This site looks interestig and is also an important source of information.

ESPRIT, Agnes M. (Mahaut); Residence: Jimmit; MBA,, Dip. Mgnt, Cert. Adult Ed. Cert PM
E-mail Address: Contact Management; Tel: 1-767-449-3198
Participation: Working committees.

ETIENNE, Bevin Thompson; (Delices); BSME, MSME
E-mail Address: Contact Management; Tel: (301) 853 - 2711
High School - Saint Mary's Academy' 1991; Sixth Form College - 1993 BSME (2000), MSME (2001)

ETTIENNE, Gail; (Roseau): BSc., MSc.
E-mail Address: Contact Management;
BSc. Biomedical Science. MSc. Health Informatics. NHS employee (cardiology dept)

ETIENNE, Gladstone; (Delices), Residence: Hyattsville Maryland; B.A.(Finance)
E-mail Address: Contact Management
Participation: As a Spokesperson. I would like to become a dyanmic leader and businessman in Dominica; a strategist, community man, musician, any vehicle to inspire and effect change in the positive direction.

ETIENNE, Joan Christine; (London); Residence: Dominica; Stock Controller (Retail/ Marketing)
Both my parents are Dominican. I now work in a large department store in the office as a stock controller. I am currently doing a computer course and also will be pursuing working with children.

EUGENE, Haydn B, (Goodwill); Network Design Specialist
E-mail Address: Contact Management; Tel: (604) 661-6986 (W).

EUGENE, Michael B., (Goodwill); Residence: Gommier, Giraudel; BE Chemical Engineering
E-mail Address: Contact Management; Tel: 1-767-616-5827
Chemical Engineer - 1988 - CCNY; Project Management/Business Planning/Feasibility Analysis/Small Business Development - Consultant (10 years). Owner - Jungle Trekking Adventures and Safaris Inc. (JTAS)

FAGAN, Henry (Morne Jaune); PhD, Botany (Plant Pathology)
E-mail Address: Contact
Management; Tel: 758- 452 2751
Former Research Fellow in the Faculty of Agriculture (UWI). Several papers published in refered journals on: Pathology of citrus flowers and fruit set in Belize. Strains of causal fungus on citrus Pathological problems in dwarf coconuts in Jamaica (PhD topic). Review of cocoa Agronomy (various hybrids and clones cultivated). Mycology of the Black Pod disease fungus in Jamaica in comparison with the Windward Islands. Numerous technical papers on the crop protection aspects of banana cultivation in the Windward Islands.

FINGAL, Clement; (Pointe Carib); Licensed Land Surveyor
E-mail Address: Contact Management; Tel: (767) 449-0859
25 years in the surveying business, having worked in Dominica, St. Kitts, the Bahamas and Miami. Acted as Crown Surveyor and served as Chief Surveyor for Dominica's Housing Authority and designed several subdivisions. Ten years supervising water and sewer line construction in Miami. Currently residing in Dominica.

FINUCANE, Jeane James (Coulibistrie); MSc. Economic Development Management
E-mail Address: Contact Management; Tel: 767-444-1042
Founder Dominica Community High School, an agricultural base secondary school, to teach young people how to survive in an economic viable way in Dominica. Re-introduced the concept of teaching practicals that are related to a Dominican life-style in 1974. One of the One Hundred Great Dominicans of the 20th century. Striving to educate as many communities as possible on the concept of ecotourism as a viable means of economic development.

FONTAINE, Alison (Goodwill); MBA, BBA
E-mail Address: Contact Management; Tel: 940-891-4455
qualifications: MBA - Marketing; BBA - Information Systems.

FONTAINE, Thomson (Grand Fond); B.Sc. (Hons), MA, PhD. Economics.
E-mail Address: Contact Management; Tel: 202 623 7937
Hugh Macaulay award for Outstanding Graduate Work in Economics (1997). OAS Fellowship Award Receipient (1994-96) PhD Thesis "Currency Crises in Developed and Emerging Market Economies - A comparative Empirical Treatment" (Available to public by September/2000). Former lecturer at Clemson University & Limestone College (USA); UWI School of Continuing Studies and CDCC in Dominica.

FRADENBURGH, Neil (N/A); Residence: Austin, TX USA & Newfoundland; BFA Theater Technology:
E-mail Address: Contact Management; Tel: (512)445-4766 & 767-245-7770
My wife & I will be relocating to Dominca permanently early 2010. I will (semi)-retire after 30+ years in live intertainment production work and be looking for ways to use those skills and abilities to further the interests of Dominica and Dominicans.

FRANCIS, Joshua Julie; (Salybia); BA (Economics)
E-mail Address: Contact Management; Tel: 407 697 8521
Economics (BA). Law student FIU-Florida.

GAMBLE M. Prisca (Portsmouth); B.A, Psy.S. (Teacher, School Psychologist), Baha'i.
E-mail Address: Contact
Management; Tel: (989) 773-0523
Certified teacher (Dominica Teachers Training College/UWI); B.A. - Home Economics/Sociology (Central Michigan Univ. 1994); Psy.S - Specialist in School Psychology, CMU 1999. Currently a school psychologist for 2 Montcalm county (Mich) K-12 school districts.

GARRAWAY, Samuel; (Roseau), Residence: Maryland; Building Contractor
E-mail Address: Contact Management; Tel: 301-937-1470
My aim is to build a network of Dominicans and friends of Dominica involved in housing development in the USA and Dominica.

GARRAWAY-INGLIS, Patricia (Portsmouth); Financial/Commercial Management
E-mail Address: Contact Management; Tel: 1 767 449 1010
Established Banque Francaise Commerciale A/G, subsidiary of Credit Agricle in Dominica. Served as President of the Chamber of Commerce from 1984 - 1992. Vice-Chairman and Trustee EU Banana Trust, Hotelier, Honorary French Consul to Dominica.

GEORGE, Clemon; (Wesley); Residence: Canada; BSc (MUN), MSc (UofS), PhD (ULaval,Que)
E-mail Address: Contact Management;
Participation: Academic / technical support. Epidemiology/Biostatistics - HIV/AIDS research. Large database analyses. Minority health, MSM, IDU, youth and Commercial sexual workers issues.

GEORGE, Gomo; (London, England); (Laplaine roots); Residence:Toronto, Canada; M.F.A. B.F.A.
E-mail Address: Contact Management; Tel: (416) 533-6360
Participation: Visual Artist. I was born in London England of Dominican parents. I resided in Dominica from the age of 3 so I consider myself a Dominican. I immigrated to Canada at age 18 having studied art under Alwin Bully at the Dominica Grammer School. My visual art practice is based on Dominican storytelling and Carnival Costuming traditions. My work is competitive in the Canadian visual art field and was listed by NewYork Arts Magazine as work that is likely to spawn new genre's or traditions. I am excited to learn about D.A.A.S.

GEORGE, Jo-Ann; (Citronier, Roseau); Residence: Eggleston; B.Sc. ( Social Work); (awaiting final results)
E-mail Address: Contact Management
Participation: Spokesperson or Working Committee. B.Sc (Social Work) with a Minor in International Relations (UWI); Qualified Teacher (Dominica Teacher's College). Other academic goals: Further studies in Human Resource Development or Social Policy and Planning

GEORGE, Nicholas , (Bath Estate), Management
E-mail Address: Contact Management; Tel: 767-448-3169(H), 448-2222(W), 235-4007(cell)
Superindent of Police. Acad affil: Fellow-Center for Hemispheric Defense Studies, National Defense University, USA. Management Studies, Jamaica Police Staff College.

GEORGE, Nigelle; (Dos'D'ane); Residence: Pottersville; College Graduate
E-mail Address: Contact Management; Tel: (767) 265-5611
Attended Portsmouth Secondary. Obtained 4 (1's) and 4(2's). At college, obtained 2(A's) in English and Accounting. (D's) in Mathematics and IT. Certificate and training in Anti Money-laundering detection with AML. Completion of Organisational Behaviour course with ICB. Aim on getting my CGA and become a professonal Accountant in the near future.

GEORGE, Sophia, (Goodwill/Wallhouse); Residence: Toronto, Canada; B.Sc., (PhD candidate)
E-mail Address: Contact Management;
Studying the cardiovascular system using mES and hES cells. Have a passion for Bioinformatics (Genomic medicine). Hopefully, the Caribbean will harness the information generated by the sequencing of the human genome through collaborative projects with so-called 'first-world' countries.

GEORGE-DILL, Mona; (Moore Park); Tertiary - Physical Planning Administration
E-mail Address: Contact Management; See her papers on "DA's 20-Year Plan" and "Influencing Policy".

GEORGE-JOSEPH, Gizelle; (Salisbury); Residence: Statesboro, Georgia; BS (Business Management)
E-mail Address: Contact Management;
Participation: Will be determined later... BS in Business Management, minor Psychology. Graduate student and current candidate of a MS Clinical Psychology program, graduating next year.

GIORGI, Marilyn V.; (Roseau); BS, MD
E-mail Address: Contact Management; Tel: 718 882 1355
St John's University NY - BS '95; Howard University - MD '00; Attended Convent High School '89

GORDON, Aurelius, (Marigot); Residence: Marigot, Graduate student in Public Policy
E-mail Address: Contact Management;
Participation: Publication. Author of book : COME YE FOWARD SONS AND DAUGHTERS - MAKING THE DOMINICAN DREAM A REALITY. Graduate Teacher and Lecturer in the Social Sciences.

GORDON, Dillian; (ANSE-DE-MAI); Residence: MARYLAND; BSN
E-mail Address: Contact Management; Tel: 410-517-0342

GORDON, Morris M. (Roseau); Residence: Wahington D.C. USA; Engineer In Training (E.I.T.) Licence
E-mail Address: Contact Management; Tel: 202-526-1816
B.S. Civil Engineering- Howard University (Washington D.C.). Master of Civil Engineering (Concentration in Construction Management), The Catholic University of America (Washington D.C.). 3 years of project engineering experience for a major general contracting/ Construction management company and 1 year experience in inspection and design for structures, road and tunnel projects.

GRANT, Ingrid; (Roseau, Dominica); Residence: United Kingdom; Information Management
E-mail Address: Contact Management; Tel: 0208 332 3805
Participation: Donations. To complete my degree course in information management.

GREEN, Cecilia Anne; (Roseau); Residence: USA; PhD Sociology
E-mail Address: Contact Management; Tel: (412) 422-3686
Participation: Paper Submission (future); (i) Historical Research; Research on Development Strategies and Impacts of Globalization. One book and several articles already published.

GREEN, Lesley Ann (San Fernando, Trinidad); B.Sc., MBA
E-mail Address: Contact Management; Tel: (767)448-2507
B.Sc. Accounting - UWI, MBA Business - HU

GREEN, Richard Vaughan (Marigot); DDS
E-mail Address: Contact Management; Tel: (767) 448-2507
Doctor of Dental Surgery (DDS)

E-mail Address: Contact Management;
Registered Nurse with speciality in Critical Care.

GREGOIRE, Sheridan G.; (Grand Bay}; Residence: Domnica & Canada; BSc. Management Studies, (UWI)
E-mail Address: Contact Management; Tel: (905) 209-9596; (416) 822-3146
Served on the Boards of the Eastern Caribbean Currency Authority, and the Caribbean Association of Industry & Commerca. Past President of the Guild of Undergraduates of the University of the West Indies, Former Chief Executive Officer of Dominica's National Development Corporation. Spearheaded the establishment of the Dominica Festivals Commission and Dominica's World Creole Music Festival. Interested in promoting Services, Tourism, Real Estate, Advertising, Media, Entertainment, Music and Festivals of the Caribbean.

GREGOIRE, Simpson G.; (Grand Bay); Residence: Maryland USA; Accounting and Financial Management
E-mail Address: Contact Management; Tel: 301 595 3076
Retired professional Manager at Fannie Mae with over 23 years of accounting, financial management and operational experience in the secondary mortgage market. Managed customer relationship while supervising daily core processing activities that support mortgage acquisition, asset management and asset servicing. Evaluate lender performance and build risk strategies that achieve business goals. Establish and implement effective risks and controls programs that encompass Acquisition policies, standards, regulations and operating requirements including Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX). Participate in the development of new products and programs and the necessary system enhancements.

HAMILTON, Craig Irvin (Massacre); Residence: Lawton, Ok; B.A.
E-mail Address: Contact
Management; Tel: 580 357 6174
Participation: Aligned to my vocation. Legal Service (pending). B.A French (Besancon, France); Cer/Educ.; B.S. Forensic Science/Criminal Justice (pending)

HARRIS, Alvin Curtis; (Roseau), Residence: King's Hill; Library Science (Undergraduate)
E-mail Address: Contact Management; Tel: 767-448-0571
Participation: Other. I have been employed with the Library Services for the past 14 years. I am currently pursuing a degree in library science.

HARRIS, Debra B.; Residence: Maryland; B.S. (Journalism), Ed.M. (Higher Education Administration);
E-mail Address: Contact Management;
Participation: Resource at Academic Institution. (i)Currently Director of Admissions for the George Washington University Graduate School of Education & Human Development (Washington, DC); Currently working on doctoral degree in Education. Received B.S. degree in Broadcast Journalism (Syracuse Univ.), Ed.M in Higher Education Administration (Harvard Univ.). (ii) referred by Gabriel Christian. Would be interested in serving as an academic resource for the Youth Development committee.

HARRIS, Ena Annette, (New York City, N ew York); Residence Buffalo; Pursuing PhD (American Studies)
E-mail Address: Contact Management;
I am an Arthur A. Schomburg Fellow presently pursuing a PhD in American Studies at the University at Buffalo. My intended area of specialization is Caribbean Literature - more specifically studies of whiteness and tourism in Caribbean novels of fiction. I am currently completing an independent study on the history of tourism and contemporary tourism in the Caribbean. I have long had an interest in eco-tourism. For the little research I have done, Dominica seems to be an island that has not been bombarded with tourists in the way that other islands have been and there seems to be a serious and genuine commitment to maintaining the eco-systems there. I am curious about how eco-tourism is developing and how it affects local communities. I am also curious as to the reasons why certain tourists choose to come to Dominica and what their experiences are like.

HENDERSON, Daisy; (Fortune); Residence: Fortune;
E-mail Address: Contact Management;
Graduate Student in Sociology presently at the University at Buffalo, State University of New York.

HENDERSON, Raymond; (Delices); BA (SMU,2000), BJ (King's-Dalhousie, 2002)
E-mail Address: Contact Management;
Reporter (TV, RADIO, PRINT), Writer, Producer.

HENDERSON, Leora Dorothy; (Grand Bay); Residence: Canefield, Dominica; Insurance Agent
E-mail Address: Contact Management; Tel: 7674490375
Insurance Agency Management; Social Member - Dominica Welfare and Hospital Assistance (DOWHAS); Member - Dominica Horticultural Society; Member - Social League; Member - Life Goes On (Dominica) Inc (Confidential support for people living with and affected by HIV?AIDS in Dominica.

HENRY, Athenia; (Mahaut); MHRM-Human Resource Management; BBA-Marketing & Finance
E-mail Address: Contact Management; Tel: 609-239-7664

HERMONSTYNE, Dennis G.; (Linden/Guyana); MBA
E-mail Address: Contact Management; Tel: 301-955-1001
Chairman and CEO of Convergent Technologies Group, Inc. Chairman and President of Consortech, Inc. Co-owner of ABC Computers, Inc.

HILL, Ronald F.H.; (Roseau); Residence: 'Maryland', Bellevue Chopin; Retired Bank Manager/Inspector
E-mail Address: Contact Management; Tel: 767 440 3709

HONORÉ, Sheila; (Portsmouth); Residence: Montreal; B.A (Bus. Adm.), M.A (Political Science)
E-mail Address: Contact Management;Tel: 514-521-3917
Participation: spoke person, work committee. B.A in Business Administration, MA in Political Science concentration International Relation and International Law at the university of Montreal (Québec)---I work as a legal research assistante for Canadian immigration and refugies affairs.

HONYCHURCH, Lennox; (Portsmouth); M.Phil., D.Phil. (Oxon)
E-mail Address: Contact Management;
Author of books on Dominica and the Caribbean, mainly "The Dominica Story": A history of the island - Macmillan UK, 1995. Three Volume History, "The Caribbean People" used as text book in Caribbean schools -Thomas Nelson Publishers UK, 1981, 1995. Master of Philosophy degree in Anthropology and Museum Ethnography and Doctor of Philosophy degree in Anthropology from the University of Oxford. (Visit his website to learn more).

HUNTER, Edgar; (Dominica), Residence: Dominica; BSc (Bio and Chem)
E-mail Address: Contact Management
Participation: As a Spokesperson. I lecture Biology at the Dominica State College. I am a holder of a BSc degree in Natural Sciences (double major- biology and chemistry) from the UWI. I am awaiting my results from the UWI for an MSc in Natural Resource Mangement. My future academic goal is to do a PhD in Environmental Management.

HURTAULT, Bernard; (Roseau); B.Sc., MS(semiconductor eng.), PhD cand.PT
E-mail Address: Contact Management; Tel: (806)749-0982
Junior man of the year (undergraduate); National Dean's list; National Association of collegiate scholars Programs chairman; National Society of Black Engineers (US, region V); Best delegate award, Trade & policy committee - San Antonio World Trade council.
Former SMA teacher, certified soil technician (Geotechnology Inc.), Manufacturing supervisor (Howmet Corporation) Current Engineering Project Leader, Texas Instruments semiconductor group - new product development

HYACINTH, Stephenson; (Wesley); Residence: P.O. Box 315, Morne Daniel; MEd (Education Management)
E-mail Address: Contact Management; Tel: 1 767 448 4886 (h) 448-2401(w)
Participation: Education Management and Theatre Arts. Stephenson is presently the Chief Education Officer of Dominica. He hold a MEd Education Management and Diploma in Education and Theatre Arts. He is the Artistic Director of the New Dimension Theatre, Dominica's leading theatrical group.

HYPOLITE, Glenroy Bernard (La Plaine); Diploma (CDCC), AAS Honors
E-mail Address: Contact Management;
Building and Civil Engineering - Diploma (CDCC); Civil Engineering Technology - AAS Honors (CUNY - NYCTC)' AUTOCAD - Certificate Concrete Inspector Grade 1 - American Concrete Institute. Employment: Construction Site Inspector/Investigator Lorshell Inc. (2 years); Junior Project Manager - DSA Builders, Inc(from 2000 to current)

HYSON, Errol A. (Roseau); Residence: Canada; Mechanic
E-mail Address: Contact Management; Tel: 905 6871153

IFILL, George; (Goodwill); Businessman/Ase Auto-Technician
E-mail Address: Contact Management; Tel: 718-738-0736
Owner/Operator, THE CAR PLACE INC, a full service auto repair centre in Ozone Park, N.Y. specializing in Computer Diagnostics and Auto-Electronics.

ISIDORE,Ronald; (Roseau); B.A.
E-mail Address: Contact Management; Tel: 767 277 2850
BA: Math and Psychology.

JACKSON, Ian; (Canefield East); Executive Diploma in Management
E-mail Address: Contact
Management; Tel: 1 767 449 0338
National Literary Awardee; Published 2 books of poetry; President of the Dominica Calypso Association; Certificate in Creative Arts; Musician/Songwriter.

JAMES, Adelbert B. (Goodwill); Residence: Atlanta, Georgia; PhD, MPH, BA
E-mail Address: Contact Management;
PhD in Health Services; MPH in Epidemiology and Biostatistics; BA in Biology. Currently coordinates the Infertility Prevention Project at Emory University School of Medicine. Former Program Manager for Tuberculosis surveillance at County Health Department. Disease Investigative Specialist in sexually transmitted diseases and HIV. Attended DGS and the Sixth Form College.

JAMES, George A. (Goodwill); Residence: Dominica; Telecommunications Engineer
E-mail Address: Contact Management; Tel: 767 276 8927
*Area of Specialisation: Regulatory aspect of Telecommunications Engineering - Planning, Standards, Licensing and Monitoring.
*Other areas: Broadcasting, Amateur Radio, Community/Social Work and Counseling. *Behind the scenes team player and strategist by nature.

JAMES, Jason; (Coulibistrie), Residence: Fort Lauderdale , Florida; BSEE, MBA;
E-mail Address: Contact Management; Tel: 954 583 5117
Participation: Education, Engineering and Business. Presently Director of Education at Career College in Florida. Owner and director of mathematics learning center in Fort Lauderdale. Pioneered and developed two community colleges in the Caribbean and well as 000. curriculum contributor to OECS Tec-Voc projects. Local electrical engineer to build Laudat Power station.

JAMES, Leighton R., (Marigot); M.Sc., MD
E-mail Address: Contact Management;
Clinical Interest: Hemodialysis, Peritoneal Dialysis, Hypoertension, Diabetes, Progressive Kidney Diseases. Research Interests: Diabetic and Hypertensive vascular and kidney complications. Major Research / Clinical Objectives: Understanding the mechanisms of diabetic vascular complications, which in turn may contribute to developing new management and treatment approaches.

JAMES, Thomas; (Residence: Ottawa, Canada); Projects Manager;
E-mail Address: Contact Management; Tel: 613-825-2067
Areas that I enjoy participating in are Project Management making, leveraging and generally ensuring things get done quickly and efficiently with people focused on doing things for Dominica on a fast track basis.

JAMES, William C (Marigot); Multimedia Specialist
E-mail Address: Contact Management; Tel: (614) 478-8111
Associates Degree in "Interactive Multimedia Programming Technology". Presently working on Bachelor of Science degree at Ohio State University. I would like to complete a Degree in Music that I have been working on for a while. I hold a private pilot's license and working on more advanced training in aviation.

JEAN-JACQUES, Gerard, (Roseau); BEd
E-mail Address: Contact Management;

JEAN-PIERRE, Jermaine Jewel; (Marigot); Residence: Dominica; B.A. (Bus. Ad.), CIS
E-mail Address: Contact Management; Tel: (767)448-2401
Currently, I am a Senior Systems Analyst for the Government of Dominica in the Establishment, Personnel and Training Department. I am a basketball and volleyball player and is working with young ladies to gain scholarships to Universities.

JEFFERS, Francis; (Roseau); Residence: Toronto, Ontario, Canada; B.Sc (Chemistry/Biology)
E-mail Address: Contact Management Tel: 416 264 7039
Participation: Working committee. Bichemist/Buyer. President, Visions of Science International (VoS), an organization geared to the promotion of science and technology among people of African descent. Editor/Publisher of the VoS Review, an annual magazine promoting science and technology issues/information in Canada within the African Canadian community. President, African Relief Committee in Canada (AFRIC), an NGO organization to assist children in particular and African people especially in the areas of Education, Health and Relief activities.

JERVIER, Alban; (Scott's Head), Residence: Chicago; SecEdu/ Hist. BA; Cur. & Instr. MAE
E-mail Address: Contact Management;
Student of doctoral degree in Political Science. Prestently teaches United States History at the high school level.

JERVIER, Lucien M.; (Roseau, Dominica); BS., MPH,
E-mail Address: Contact Management;
Health Care Administration

JNO BAPTISTE, Hobbes Valentine; (Dominica); B.Sc., M.A., Inspector
E-mail Address: Contact Management;
Inspector Hobbes Valentine JNO BAPTISTE, was enlisted in the Commonwealth of Dominica Police Force on 27th August, 1979. In (1992) he obtained a Certificate in Public Administration; in (2000), Bachelors of Science Degree in Criminal Justice, and in (2000) the Masters Degree in Public Administration.

JNO BAPTISTE, Laurelle; (Marigot), Residence: Toronto, Canada; PhD (Candidate); MA,BSc.
E-mail Address: Contact Management; Tel: (416) 929-5952
Over the past four years, I have done extensive research in the area of the Digital Divide and the socio ecomomic impact on minority groups within a North American context. I also work as a senior IT Education Consultant and understand the high level of technological expertise that is required to compete in this technologically savvy world. I have recently begun to expand my research to include developing countries like Dominica. Primarily, I firmly believe that if Dominica is going to develop further we need to attract top talent but that can only be achieved if we can develop our technological infrastructure and decrease the digital divide between dveloped and developing countries.

JNO-FINN, Lazarus (Castle Bruce); Residence: Toronto, Canada; B.A. (Political Science)
E-mail Address: Contact Management; Tel: 416-516-4629; Web Site
Participation: Paper submission, Spokesperson, working committees, B.A. Political Science, University of Toronto.

JOHN, Giftus, (St. Joseph); Residence: Union, NJ; Social Work
E-mail Address: Contact Management
Graduate of Sifocol; Certificate in the Principles and Practice of Social Work; Writer-has self-published three books of poetry and one short story collection.

JOHN, Hector (Salisbury); Graduated from ITSS(1987)
E-mail Address: Contact Management;
Statistical Officer at DBMC. Course in A+ Technician, familiar with IT environment and hoping to continue in that field.

JOHN, Noreen Hilda V, (GrandBay): B.A, MA, M.Sc, LLB(Hons), PgD(English Bar)
E-mail Address: Contact Management;
B.A. (Econs) M.A. International Relations; MSc Social Policy and Planning. Presently doing doctoral studies in Law and Development. Based with the Commonwealth Secretariat in London working on governance and institutional development programmes in Commonwealth member countries. I have had over 15 years experience in development assistance including research, management of projects and programmes through international development cooperation.

JOHN, Vincent M.; (Roseau); BA(Hons), CMA, MA(Law), MBA, MCIPS, MIMgt
E-mail Address: Contact Management; Tel: 44 (0) 20 8925 2025

JOHN-FINN, Theophilus; (Castle Bruce); BSc, University of Oklahoma,
E-mail Address: Contact Management; Tel: 352-219-4020
I am retired from the US Army as a Captain. I am a Physician Assistant. In the Army I did Primary Care and Aviation Medicine. I am National Certified and I am licensed in Florida to practice Medicine. At the present time I am the Clinical Facilitor in General Surgery at the Veterans Hospital in Gainesville Florida.

JOHNROSE, Johnson; (Pichelin); Journalism
E-mail Address: Contact Management;
BBC Trained Journalist/Trainer. Head of Radio Department of Caribbean News Agency. Radio and Television Editor, Caribbean Media Corporation. Was 2002 recipient of Award for Journalism Excellence from Counterpart International and Counterpart Caribbean, organisers of the Caribbean Media Exchange on Sustainable Tourism (Cmex)

JOHNSON, Samuel, (Roseau); Residence: Toronto ON; B.Sc. (Eng), MBA
E-mail Address: Contact Management;
Participation: Paper Submission, As a Spokesperson. CONTACT: Samuel H. Johnson, Box 68, Ste 2300, 20 Queen St. W., Toronto ON, M5H3R3 Tel: m:216.702.1014, o:416.596.3708, f: 512.519.2329; Website: ATKEARNEY

JOHNSON, Trevor; (Loubiere); BSc. (Hons), MRICS
E-mail Address: Contact Management; Tel: 1 868 637 8772
Quantity Surveyor BSc. (Hons) MRICS; Johnson & Associates QS Network Chartered Quantity Surveyors

JONES, Darius W; (Mahaut); LL.B [Lond] , BCL , LEC , LL.M; Barrister and Attorney at Law
E-mail Address: Contact Management; Website; Tel: 0117 952 2655
Called to the Bar of the Honourable Society of Lincoln's Inn [UK] and to the bar of the East Caribbean Supreme Court[Dominica]. Graduate of the University of London, University of the West of England, Inns of Court School of Law and Hugh Wooding Law School

JONES, Frazer B. (Marigot); B.S; M.S.
E-mail Address: Contact Management; Tel: 641 472 3721
BS Civil Eng; MS Computer Science

JOSEPH, Clement F. (Marigot); Residence: South Korea; B.Sc. (Social Science/HST)
E-mail Address: Contact Management;
Participation: Paper submission. I have a BSc degree in Social Science, minor in History from Thomas Edison College, NJ. I will start a Master's degree in Public Administration next year (2004), and attend Law school one day. My goal is to become the Prime Minister of Dominica.

JOSEPH, Nicol (Wesley) D.O.
E-mail Address: Contact Management;
Currently Practicing Family Medicine. Doctorate: University of Medicine and Dentistry of NJ- Osteopathic Medicine, graduated May 2002; BS in Biology: State University of NY Old WestBury, AS in Chemistry; St.Andrews High School Graduate. Will do a Fellowship in Geriatrics.

JOSEPH, Noreen; (GrandBay); Residence: Goodwill; BA Cultural Studies (Theatre)
E-mail Address: Contact Management;Tel: 767 225 1940
Participation: On working committe. Certificate (Youth Work), Diploma (Adult Education), Certificate (Social Work), Certificate (Theatre Education) Toronto, Certificate in Women in Dev. (WAND Barbados). Since 1970 I have been an actress with the Peoples Action Theatre, Dramatist, Educationist. At the moment Noreen is a Senior Cultural Officer at the Cultural Division. BA was achieved at York University, Toronto

JOSEPHS-CONWAY, Corliss A; (Roseau); Economist
E-mail Address: Contact Management; Tel: 301 485 4894

JULIEN, Lemoth, (Roseau), Residence: St. Louis, Missouri, USA; BBA, MBA, JD
E-mail Address: Contact Management; Tel: 314-381-3522
I will most likely return to academia via the adjunct professor route. As a global commodities trader, I was able to set up with other trade structured finance specialists a financial vehicle whereby those countries with emerging economies are able to buy commodities from my company without having to setup with them CAD or Letters of credit payment terms. I extend to buyers in these countries terms generally up to 180 days. In the interim I am able to shop around the world to sell that 90 or 180 day receivable to a Bank prior to the note maturity. I have researched the economies of Trinidad and Tobago, Jamaica, Argentina, Uruguay to name a few to see if we can extend those can of credit facilities. These countries would have to meet the strict due deligence and reasonable care quotient that we allocate to each country.

JULIEN-ROBIN, Heather; (Goodwill); Residence-NY; Attorney-at-Law
E-mail Address: Contact Management; Tel: (914) 739-1991
Admitted to practice in New York and New Jersey.

KARAM;John Dominique, (Roseau); BSME
E-mail Address: Contact
Management; Tel: 767-448-7398
BSME, Stanford University.

KENTISH J. Alison, Donna, (Goodwill); Residence: Castle Comfort; Journalist/Broadcaster
E-mail Address: Contact Management; Tel: 1-767-448-2649
Participation: Spokeperson/Committees/Promotion. Attended Convent High School (1997) and the Academic Stidies Division of the Clifton Dupigny Community College (1999). I am currently a news anchor at the Sat Telecoms Limited, a rapidly growing television media house. I read the nightly news, along with a male presenter. I believe that in my position as a journalist/broadcaster, I am in a good position to highlight and promote the work of the Domininica Academy of Arts and Sciences.

KUKKURAINEN, Tiina Tytti; (Lappeenranta, Finland); M.A. (Anthropolog)
E-mail Address: Contact Management; Tel: +358-40-5323156
Participation: Paper Submission. Master's thesis research on tourism in Dominica, Preparing Ph.D. thesis on tourism in Dominica. Lived in Dominica 1993-94, fieldwork in Dominica 1999.

LANDER, John (Roseau); Bachelor Degree in Computer Science
E-mail Address: Contact Management;
Software engineer working with Bell Labs

LAROCQUE, Erskine Brian; (Coulibistrie/Roseau/Check Hall); Residence: New York; Computer Systems Analyst
E-mail Address: Contact Management;
Participation: Webmaster, Network & Database Admin. A.A.S, Computer Engineering; BT(HONORS), Computer Systems; MS, Information Systems (in progress)

LA RONDE, Aimee Marie; (CT, USA/Goodwill); Residence: Norfolk, VA; Nuclear Engineering
E-mail Address: Contact Management; Tel: 757-625-5463
Participation: Research and development. Qualifed through department of defense as a nuclear power plant operator specialising in the chemistry control of nuclear power plants.

E-mail Address: Contact Management; Tel: 2814387135

LA RONDE, Lisa M. (Atkinson Village); Dip.Building Engineering
E-mail Address: Contact Management; Tel: 767-445-8600
CXC General Certificate (7 subjects); Scholarship to High School from Primary School; High School graduate: Two-year course City & Guilds diploma in Building Engineering; CDCC Technical Studies division.

LARONDE-LEBLANC, Nicole A. (CT, USA/Goodwill); Residence: Timonium, MD; B.S Chemistry, PhD Biophysics
E-mail Address: Contact Management; Tel: 4103080281
Participation: Research and Development. Currently doing biomedical research as a Structural biologists determining the atomic resolution structures of protein targets involved in cancer pathogenesis at the National Cancer Institute. Long term would like to expand my research to the abundance of untapped natural products on the island and their possible application to the treatment of disease.

LATAILLE, Ezra; (Giraudel); Residence: Toronto; (Finance)
E-mail Address: Contact Management; Tel: 416-653-1314
Participation: I'm interested in becoming a member. Employed in the field of Finance

LAURENT-BRUMANT, Ferne; (Portsmouth); Residence: Morne Daniel; B.S English (USA), B.Ed (Canada)
E-mail Address: Contact Management; Tel: 1 767 245 1546

LAVILLE, Nelson; Residence: (Lower Penville); Undergrad in Agronomy
E-mail Address: Contact Management;
Presently I am in Cuba pursuing my first degree in Agronomy. At present Vernon Daniel (another Dominican student at my university) and I are working on a project to introduce an agroecological and sustainable agricultural system in Dominica.

LAVINIER, Hilkiah (Goodwill); IT Engineer
E-mail Address: Contact Management; Tel: 767 615 3382
By qualification I hold a MEng in Computer Science ('02). I have worked in the ICT sector (in Dominica) holding managerial positions at Marpin Telecoms and Cable & Wireless. At present I am self employed and currently reside in Dominica.
My interest in DAAS was sparked by Mr. Nicholas Waldron, whom I a share other common interests with. I also noticed Frazer Jones is a member, someone I enjoyed a business relationship with at both of the Telecom companies.

LAWRENCE, Alick, (Portsmouth); Residence: Belfast; Lawyer
E-mail Address: Contact Management; Tel: 767 44 87697
Participation: law.

LAWRENCE, Creswell; (Roseau); B.A., LL.B, LL.M. Solicitor
E-mail Address: Contact Management; Tel: (44) 7956-544-084
Masters in corporate / commercial Law, with particular interest in Intellectual Property

LAWRENCE, Earlsworth (Earl) L.; (Portsmouth,raised in Roseau); M. Sc. BBA
E-mail Address: Contact Management; Tel: 718-297-1500; FAX: 718-297-1661; Cellular: 917-488-7516
M. Sc.,Computer and Ed. BBA / Accounting. Graduated from St. Mary's Academy, Roseau, June 1970. Master of Science in Computer Science and Education,Brooklyn College,1995. Bachelor of Business Administration in Accounting, Finance and Management, Pace University, NYC,1979. Certificate in Insurance Accounting, 1982, College of Insurance,1982. Certificates in Income Tax Preparation, H&R Block Inc., December 1989 and December 1990. Business Education Teacher in NY City high schools 1990-1996. Senior Accountant at American International Group 1979-1989. Senior Accountant at General USA Insurance Company, NYC 1996-present. President of Dominica American Relief & Development Association(DARDA) 1995-2000. Parent Teacher Assoc. President Jamaica High School, NYC 1997-2000. President of Sensay Dominica Productions 1997-present.

LAWRENCE, Lennox; (Portsmouth); Residence: Roseau; B.A; LL.B; L.E.C.
E-mail Address: Contact Management; Tel: (767) 448 4771
Attorney at Law.

LAWRENCE, Milton; (Dos D'Ane); Residence: Copthall; BSc., MBA;
E-mail Address: Contact Management; Tel: (767) 235-8765

LAWRENCE, Wendell Alphonsus, (Pottersville); Residence: Mahaut; (Civil Engineer / Project Manager)
E-mail Address: Contact Management; Tel: 767 449 1724
Design and implementation of civil engineering works; Project management of infrastructure development.

LAZARE, Alick (Roseau); Residence: Morne Bruce, Roseau; Consultant (Public Finance & Management)
E-mail Address: Contact Management; Tel: 767 448 3159
Training and long experience in public finance and public administration. Served as consultant to OECS and wider CARICOM region, advising on public finance legislation and procedures as well as fiscal policy and budget management. Carried out a number of assignments in public sector wage review. Participated in regional studies and workshops in capacity building as well as in preparation for regional trade negotiation.

LE BLANC, Angelo; (Vieille Case); Dental Auxiliary Technician;
E-mail Address: Contact Management;

LE BLANC; Beverly, (PENVILLE); Residence: PLATTSBURGH NY USA; BSC (Elementary & Special Education)
E-mail Address: Contact Management;

LE BLANC, Bernard; (Vieille Case); Residence: Jackson, MS; BSCE, MSCE
E-mail Address: Contact Management; Tel: 601-918-7529
Participation: Paper Submission. Engineering Solutions, American Society Civil Engineers; Mississippi Academy of Sciences, Tau Beta Pi; United States Acheivement Academy, Chi Epsilon; Alliance for Graduate Education in Mississippi

LE BLANC, Jessie; (Morne Jaune); Residence: Shawford, Trafalgar; BSc (Management) - UWI
E-mail Address: Contact Management; Website

LE BLANC, Steve; (Loubiere), Residence: Maryland, US; Civil Engineer

LEE, Marcellus (Roseau): IAAF LEVEL ONE
E-mail Address: Contact Management; Tel: 1 869 469 7485
Physical Education/journalist; Senior News Editor Voice of Nevis Radio, NEVIS

LEEVY, Kim; (Roseau); Residence: Cincinnati, OH; B.Sc Accounting; Series 3, series 7 and series 63 (Commodities)
E-mail Address: Contact Management;

LEEVY-MALCOLM,Tara Ermine; (Goodwill, Roseau); LLB, LLM
E-mail Address: Contact Management;

LESTRADE, Swinburne (Roseau);
E-mail Address: Contact Management; Tel: 301-364 6788
Economics, management

LESTRADE, Ulric: (Goodwill); BBA, MBA
E-mail Address: Contact Management;
BBA (Accounting) Baruch College, NYC. MBA (Finance) Fordham University, NYC. Currently at a major cable network as Director of Finance.

LETANG Rhoda Joseph (Pottersville); Residence: Shawford; M.Sc, B.Sc
E-mail Address: Contact Management;
Economist - M.Sc Economic Development Policy (UWI MONA). B.Sc Economics and Accounting (UWI CAVE HILL)

LINDGREN, Prof. Dr. Carl Edwin; (Coeburn, Virginia); Residence: University, MS 38620; BAE, MEd, SEd, FCP (Lond.), DEd (UNISA)
E-mail Address: Contact Management; Tel: 1-662-563-7554
Professor of Education and History, American Military University. Please note my biographical sketch at - Lindgren Biography. My desire is to work with Dominican students and educators and help bring in grant funding. Also to help coordinate your membership team.

LINTON Lennox , (Morne Daniel); Logistician, Broadcaster
E-mail Address: Contact Management; Tel: 767-449-0502/0173

LIPSANEN, E Niko J, (Mikkelin mlk, Finland); M.S. (Geography)
E-mail Address: Contact Management; Tel: +358-9-6224332
I have done research in Dominica (on urban geography in Roseau) and am a webmaster of a Dominica-related website., Master of Science in Geography (2001), specialised in urban geography; currently preparing a PhD Thesis on urban green space. I also have studied theoretical philosophy where my main interest is the philosophy of place.

LLOYD, Kevin A. (Goodwill); Residence: Wichita Falls, TX, USA; Information Technology
E-mail Address: Contact Management; Tel: 940-691-3342
CXC - Information Technology.

LOCKHART, Caryl (Castle Bruce); DVM, MSc.
E-mail Address: Contact Management; Tel: 1 767 235 8743

LOCKHART, Cecil B.J. (Grand Bay); Residence: Washington, DC, 20010; Insurance Broker/Agent
E-mail Address: Contact Management; Tel: 202-829-6222; Website
Property, Casualty, Life and Health Insurance Broker/Agent with over forty (40) years of experience and with an unblemished record of service to the Greater Washington Metropolitan Area and farther a field.

LOENTZ, Ursula; Residence: Germany; Real Estate Business
E-mail Address: Contact Management; Tel: 0049-451 793215
Recommending person: Dr. Clayton Shillingford. I have visited Dominica several times and if there is anything I can do in this part of the world, I will do whatever is possible.

LORAMOL, Ross (Portsmouth); Masters Degree
E-mail Address: Contact Management;
Certified Bilingual Translator-French/English; Certified Liaison Interpreter-French/English; Graduate Teacher (French)

LORD, Catherine (Roseau); A.B., M.F.A.
E-mail Address: Contact Management;
Catherine Lord, Professor of Studio Art and affiliated faculty, Department of Women's Studies and Department of Art History at the University of California, Irvine, is a writer, artist, and curator whose work addresses issues of feminism, cultural politics, and colonialism. Her critical essays and her fiction have been published in Afterimage, Art & Text, Artcoast, New Art Examiner, Whitewalls, Framework, Documents, X-tra and Art Paper, as well as the collections The Contest of Meaning, Illuminations: Women Writing on Photography from the 1850s to the Present, Reframings: New American Feminisms in Photography , The Passionate Camera , Hers 3 ,Space, Site and Intervention: Issues in Installation and Site-Specific Art, and Decomposing. Her curated exhibitions include "Trash," and "Memories of Overdevelopment: Philippine Diaspora in Contemporary Visual Art." Her work as a visual artist was included in the 1995 exhibition "Longing and Belonging," commissioned by Site! Santa Fe. Excerpts of a book entitled The Summer of Her Baldness are forthcoming in Art Journal. She is currently working on a text/image project titled, The Effect of Tropical Light on White Men. She has served as Associate Editor of Afterimage and Dean of the School of Art at the California Institute of the Arts. She served as chair of the Department of Studio Art, UC Irvine from 1990-1995 and as Director of the UCI Gallery from 1991-1996. She has received fellowships from the New York State Council on the Arts, the Humanities Research Institute of the University of California, the Royal Botanic Gardens at Kew, the Norton Family Foundation, the Andy Warhol Foundation, the Creative Capital Foundation and the Rockefeller Center for Arts and Humanities. She received her A.B. from Harvard University in 1971, and her M.F.A. from the State University of New York at Buffalo (Visual Studies Workshop) in 1983.

MAGLOIRE, Esther, (Giraudel); MA, BA;
E-mail Address: Contact
I have an MA degree from Southern Methodist University and BA degerees in International Relations and Public Administration from The University of Central Florida. I have an interest in Public Policy and Economic Development and to that end, I hope to pursue a post graduate degree in one of these areas.

MANSOURI, Yvonne; (Roseau); Residence: Irvine, California; BA (Psych), MA (Education)
E-mail Address: Contact Management;Tel: 949-887-9516
Obtained my Bachelors of Arts in Psychology and Social Behavior from the University of California, Irvine. Some of my expericnes involved providing psychoeducation outreach to UCI students and to pediatric hospital patients at the UCI Medical Center as a Child Life Specialist. In addition, I have my teaching credentials and Masters of Arts in Teaching from the University of California, Irvine. My speciality is in teaching Multiple Subjects in Elementary K-12. My training at the university draws from the most current reserch in education and philosophy of Howard Gardner's Multiple Intelligences. I am a strong advocate for integrating technology in the elementary curriculum and making today's students high order critical thinkers according to Bloom's Taxonomy. I am interested in sharing resoruces and informaition with staff from the education department from both institiutions.

MARIE, Ophelia Olivacce; (Copt Hall, Roseau Valley); B.A; Commonwealth Youth Programme Diploma in Advanced Youth Work; Certificate in Theory of Music-Grade IV;
E-mail Address: Contact Management;
Recipient of several prestigious awards and facilitator in the performing arts (dance and song); Former secondary school teacher (1970-1972, 1975-1976, 1977-1979); Assistant Coordinator of Social Centre Programme, (1976-1977); Youth Centre Manager and Social Skills Training Instructor (1982-1988); Tourism Product Development Officer (1989-1992); National Coordinator for the Environmental and Coastal Resources Management Project, (1992-1995); Deputy Director of Tourism, Caribbean Market; co-owner of Chez Ophelia Cottage Apartments.

MATTHEW, Joseph (Mahaut)
E-mail Address: Contact Management;
Adv.Pro. in electric machines.

MCAFEE, Kathleen (husband) Delices;
E-mail Address: Contact Management; Tel: 203 789 0824
Author of 'Storm Signals: Structural Adjustment and Development Alternatives in the Caribbean', with chapter on DA. Professor at Yale, specializing in environment and development, with some expertise in biodiversity, trade, agriculture, food security, intellectual property, and international aid and environment institutions.

MCLAWRENCE, Jahra; (Lagoon Village, Portsmouth); B.S.; J.D.
E-mail Address: Contact Management; Tel: 954-336-2091
B.S.-Accounting, Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University (1998) J.D.Juris Doctor - University of Florida College of Law (2001)

MC MILLIN, John (At sea, registered in USA); Residence: Portsmouth, Dominica; Seattle WA; Committed amatuer gardener, probiologist
E-mail Address: Contact Management; Tel: Skype: johnmcmillin & 445 5903
Through a couple of doctorates from US,Univ. of Washington, MS, US & Peru, one post-doctorate; Finalist; End-Hunger-Presidential-Award (R.Reagan, 1982); Soviet Academy of Science Meritorious Workers(Medal)- 1979, Moscow. Mma Nguisa (Environmental) Award, Kenya, 1979. Work with land, water, biology for all-profit development.

MELLOW-REGISTE, Shirley, (London/ Lived in Grand-Bay); Residence: London, England; RGN, ENB998, ENBN25, Diploma in Dermatology
E-mail Address: Contact Management
I now live in London and am the manager of the Dermatology department at the university hospital where I work . My special intersts in my field are:- eczema, dermatitis, psoriasis, vericose problems and skin cancers. I have worked in this field since qualifying as a registered nurse. My aim is to get connected with a Dominican dermatologist so that the knowledge I have can become beneficial to my fellow citizens.

MICHAEL, David; (Roseau/Bellevue Chopin); LL.B.(Hons), Hon LL.M.(University of Greenwich), Hon LL.D(University of Westminster)
E-mail Address: Contact Management; Web Site;
Detective Chief Inspector with the London, Metropolitan Police Service (New Scotland Yard) Now retired after 30 years exemplary service. Managing Director/Principal Consultant of Cause Consultancy Ltd. Offering consultancy services to Public Sector Organisations, Private Companies and Individual Clients in Britain, Europe and Worldwide.

MITCHELL, LeRoy W. (Portsmouth); PhD., CPA(NY), CGFM
E-mail Address: Contact Management; Tel: 914-632-0679

MOORHOUSE. John; (Boston, MA, resided in Paix Bouche); Residence: Orlando, FL; Professional Cyclist
E-mail Address: Contact Management;
Participation: Spokesperson, Commitees. 2002 Ford No Boundaries Athlete of the Year; founder of TeamTwentyFour Racing; pioneer in ultra endurance mountain bike racing in North America; Factory Certificate obtained from Motorcycle Mechanics Institute & Suzuki Motorcycles.

MOREAU, Gordon; (Mahaut); Chartered Accountant in private practice.
E-mail Address: Contact Management; Tel: (767) 448 2252; Fax: (767) 448 0489;
1985-1986: Employed full-time at Internal Audit Division, United Nations, New York. 1981-1984: Public Accountant and Auditor in private practice. As member of a TASK FORCE appointed by the Government of Dominica, undertook financial analysis and research into problems of the Banana Industry. 1981-1982: Consultant to the Caribbean Association of Industry and Commerce (CAIC), Barbados, and the United States Agency for International Development (USAID). 1978-1981: Staff Accountant at the Firm of A.A. Mark and Company, Chartered Accountants, Trinidad. 1976-1978: Contracted by the University of the West Indies (UWI), Trinidad, as Lecturer and Tutor in Accounting I and Accounting III in the B.S. (Management) Programme. 1988: Consultant to CARICOM SECRETARIAT. With Mr. Austin Winston, FCCA, co-authored "CARICOM COCONUT INDUSTRY STUDY" commissioned by CARICOM SECRETARIAT. 1985: Adjunct Lecturer in Advanced Accounting at City University of New York, Hunter College. Mr. Moreau is author of several unpublished papers in his field and is a prolific, incisive commentator at His Website.

MOSES, Anya (St.Micheal), (Dominican Parentage); Residence: Burlington,NJ; BS (International Business)
E-mail Address: Contact Management; Tel: 609-239-7664
I graduated with an Associates Degree from Camden County College, followed by a Bachelors of Science from Plattsburgh State University. I will be attending Law school in the fall of 2005. I am involved in numerous community projects within the Dominican society of New Jersey. I am hoping to serve my country in whatever capacity I can. I am a Dominican by parentage and spent a signignificant number of my formative years in Dominica. For all intents and purposes consider myself truely 100% Dominican.

MOSES, Delmance Ras Mo; (Delices); Residence: New Haven, CT, USA; Popular Education
E-mail Address: Contact Management; Cellular # 203 605 0925
Participation: Working Committees. Ras Mo a recording artist and writer has many years experience in, the use of Music. Performing and viual Arts for Education, Community Organizing Therapy and Violence Prevention. He has trained facillitators youth and communty workers, councillors, teachers and therapists throughout the Caribbean, Canada and USA. His recent work includes teaching a Caribbean music class at UC Berkeley California, Director of Youth and Community Organizing at MOVE(Men Overcoming Violence) in San Francisco & facillitator & Musical Director at the Youth Treatment and Education Court (YTEC) San Francisco. He is presently producing an Arts for Violence Prevention Project entitled "Pink and Blue" which includes a CD recording and tour of performances & workshops, also JR Ralph Casimir and Orian Cultural Development and Education Fund. The first project is a compilation CD of Dominican artists to benefit youth arts education & development in Dominica. Visit his Website

MYLER, Heskeith E.; (Grand Fond); Residence: North Brunswick, NJ; BBA, MST, JD, CPA
E-mail Address: Contact Management; Tel: (732) 220-8550
Participation: Financial Donation. Certified Public Accountant and Attorney At Law in the state of New Jersey and New York. Proprietor of own accounting firm providing services in tax planning and preparation, accounting, business incorporation. Additionally legal services are offered to clients in the areas of will drafting, contracts etc

NESTY, Arthurton (Dosdane/ Portsmouth); Residence: Canefield; B.Sc. (Economics & Management)
E-mail Address: Contact
Management; Tel: 1 (767) 449-1567
Participation: paper submission/working committee. President of UWI LOCAL (Dominica), Member of BOD oF Dexia (Dominica Export Import Agency), C/Man BOD Blow's Agro Products, Auditor for Cooperatives (D/CA), Inspector of financial institutions Min of Finance (Dominica)

NIXON, Neal; Dominican, (living in the U.S.); B.S.
E-mail Address: Contact Management;
Associate in Computers; B.S.: Business Administration, Retail Management and Marketing. Manages Website for Dominica Marketing and Networking Committee (DMNC). See his paper on "Marketing Our Music"

NORRIS Michael Norman; (Roseau); B.A.
E-mail Address: Contact Management; Tel: (767)448-4827
BA (HONS) Development Studies

OBAHAR, Marilyn C. Loblack , (Cherveley, MD)
E-mail Address: Contact
Management; Tel: 301-322-3395
Senior Customer Service, Marriott Hotel International. Dominica Grammar school, Prince George Community College.

OBONYO, Olu; (Scotts Head); B.Sc. (Hons) Chemistry
E-mail Address: Contact Management; Tel: 44 208 952 0811
Studying for an MBA. Now work as an IT Infrastructure Manager in the UK for Gist limited, part of the BOC group; Have over 15 years of experience in IT; Have project-managed the installation of two PAN-European Wide Area Networks (WAN); Project Managed various Local Area Networks (LAN)in the UK & Telephone Systems. Have also project managed the implementation of Microsoft LAN software including NT4, Exchange 5.5 and MS Office suits. Have been involved in community activities in the UK for many years. Was Chairperson of the Dominica Development Association (UK)(DDA) for over 5 years in the 80's. Was Trweasurer and Chirperson of a Black Housing Association (UK) for over 4 years in the 80's and early 90's. The Assoiciation, Black Roof Housing had a development income of over £1M. Now involved in the DDA and Dominica UK Community Acssociation, which is looking for funding to constructure a multi-purpose building in Dublanc in Dominica. The project has been included DA's Iintegration Development Plan! (IDP).

PACQUETTE, Brian, (Roseau); Residence: Goodwill, High School Graduate;
E-mail Address: Contact Management; Tel: (767) 315-0170
Participation: Hospitality Industry. Presently a Tour Guide.

PARILLON, Christine H.P.; (Portsmouth); BSc. MBA
E-mail Address: Contact Management;
BSc. Business Administration, Management & International Business University of Tulsa, Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA; MBA Regis University, Colorado, USA. Receipient of Caribbean American Chamber of Commerce & Industry Award, "Women Making History"; Mayor of New York Award for contribution to the Development of Women in New York City.

PARILLON, Thomas; (Cockrane Village), Residence: Toronto Canada; Dip.(Theo & Int' Bus), Cert. Agri.
E-mail Address: Contact Management; Tel: 416-297-7480
To complete BA and MA in Internaltion Business.

PARIS, Andre; (Salybia); Residence: Salybia. B.Sc (Economics)
E-mail Address: Contact Management; Tel: 1 (767) 445-8656/316-0973
Hope to do post graduate studies in International Trade and/or Accounting and Einancial Management.

PASCAL, Elsa; (Grand Fond); B.Ed (English), Dip.Health Promotion, RN
E-mail Address: Contact Management;

PASCAL, Irving; Portsmouth, (Nutured Marigot); MBBS, FRCS (Otorhinolaryngology);
E-mail Address: Contact Management; Tel: 767 4483551

PASCAL, Lloyd Gabriel; (Boetica); M.Sc.; Dip E.M.
E-mail Address: Contact Management; Tel: 1-767-4486440
M.Sc Forestry Engineering, Cuba (1985). Post Graduate Diploma Environmental Management, Germany (1999).

PATRICK, S. Calvin; (Curacao/Pointe Michel); Residence: Brooklyn, New York, USA; MBA
E-mail Address: Contact Management; Tel: 718-593-4125
Adjunct Professor, Long Island University, NY; Doctoral Candidate, Columbia University -Instructional Technology and Media, Communications, Computers and Technology in Education. Research in areas of ICT.

PATTULLO, Polly, (London, UK); Residence: London, UK; MA, Edinburgh University
E-mail Address: Contact Management; Tel: 207 720 5983
I am a journalist with the Guardian newspaper in the UK. I previously worked for Caribbean Insight, the weekly political and economic newsletter. I have been writing about the Caribbean for the past 20 years. I have a particular interest in Dominica and visit regularly (I have a house there). I am also the co-publisher of Papillote Press, based in Dominica and London. We have published The Gardens of Dominica, written by myself and Anne Jno Baptiste. In 2004 we publish It Falls Into Place, the stories of Phyllis Shand Allfrey. I have also been involved in the planning for the Waitukubuli National Trail. I am the author of Last Resorts: the cost of tourism in the Caribbean.

PAUL, Maureen (Canefield); Residence: England. BA(PPE), MPhil(Econ), MSc(Econ), PhD(Econ)
E-mail Address: Contact Management; Tel: +44 795 606 2857
Participation: Paper submission; Spokesperson. Economist. I teach investment management, macroeconomics, microeconomics, development economics, as well as mathematical and statistical economics to undergraduates at the University of Warwick (Department ranked 2nd in the UK).

PELTIER Rose L.; (Soufriere); BA - English, Morgan State U., Baltimore
E-mail Address: Contact Management; Tel: 757-306-8874
1998 Editing Fellow, Robert C. Maynard Institute for Journalism Education (Oakland, CA); 2001 Fellow, Copy Editing - American Press Institute (Reston, VA); Six years' professional experience (Copy Editor) at two U.S. newspapers - Houston Chronicle, Houston TX; The Virginian-Pilot Norfolk, VA. Member: National Association of Black Journalists (NABJ); American Copy Editors Society (ACES)

PHILOGENE, Sharon; (Castle Comfort); B.A, M.Ed.
E-mail Address: Contact Management; Tel: 1-767-448-7932
B.A. English , M.Ed Counseling.

PIERRE, Clarine ; (St. Joseph); BA, MA,
E-mail Address: Contact Management;
Graduate of Georgia Southern University in Education, with an emphasis in Special Education. Current;y, she is working on her PhD at University of Southern Mississipi.

PIERRE-LOUIS, Shagan, (Glanvillia, Portsmouth); Residence: Glanvillia; A.C & Refrigeration Tech.
E-mail Address: Contact Management; Tel: 1767 2450235
Participation: Working Committee. Air conditiion & refrigeration technician.

PILGRIM, Toni Christine; Roseau, Residence: Barbados BA, MA, Dip Ed, Dip Management
E-mail Address: Contact Management; Tel: 246 429 1233
Main experience over the last 23 years is in project design and development in the area of Education, for technical assistance or capital loan financing from the Caribbean Devlopment Bank (employer).

POLYDORE, Catherine; (Wesley); Residence: Illinois, USA; B.Sc; M.S.; M.Sc.; Ph.D.
E-mail Address: Contact Management; Tel: 217-581-7237 (Office)
CHS (1991), B.S. Chemical Technology (1999), M.Sc. Environmental Toxicology (2003), Ph.D. Educational Psychology (2008). Worked on several government funded projects. Employment: Assistant profesor. Interest: Equity in education for minorities and under-represented groups, culture and cognition.

POWELL, Alvin; (Mahaut); M. Eng.
E-mail Address: Contact Management; Tel: 202-2913379
B.S.C.E Howard University 1999; M. Eng. Howard University 2001. Research Areas: X-Ray Microtomography - (Argonne National Labs/Northwestern University) Accident Prediction Models - (FHWA)

PREVOST, Janelle; (Castle Comfort), Residence: Cambridge, MA, SB; M.Eng
E-mail Address: Contact Management;
SB Computer Science & Math (2000), M.Eng Computer Science (2001). Areas of interest: Science & Technology Policy, particularly ICT policy and energy policy.

PRINCE, Joanne; (Wesley/Marigot); Residence: Florida; AA (Psychology), BA (Social Psychology), MS (School Guidance & Counseling)
E-mail Address: Contact Management; Tel: 954-717-9189
AA (Psychology), BA (Social Psychology). Will complete a masters in School Guidance and Counseling. Extracurricular- Radio Announcer.

PROCTOR, Deidra N., (Clinton, MD (U.S.); Residence: Washington, DC; Attorney At Law
E-mail Address: Contact Management; Tel: 202-554-3494
Participation: Other - Organization Activities. (i) Attorney at Law, Georgetown Univ. Law Center 2000 Graduate; Morgan State Univ. 1994 Graduate; counsel non-profits; Board Member of enviornmental organizations (Nat'l Black Environmental Justice Network, Youth Warriors). (ii) Presently work to provide educational opportunities and materials to school age children throughout the Carribean via Upliftment Jamaica (Board Member) along with other Board Members from throughout the Carribean.

QUAMMIE, Rawlier A.; (Wesley); Residence: Hamilton, Ontario, Canada; Diploma in Theology, B.D.(Hons), M.A.(Biblical Studies)
E-mail Address: Contact Management; Tel: (905) 389-5797
Participation: Member. Minister of Religion.

RAPHAEL, Samuel , (PO Box 2352, Roseau); Real Estate Developer
E-mail Address: Contact
Management; Tel: 449-0678/4461789(W)
Business affil..Dominica Hotel and Tourism Assoc. and S.E. Tourism Development Committee, NDC Board; American University, Washington, DC. Owner and manager of Jungle Bay Resorts.

RAWLINS-MEYER, Suzan Marie; (Texas City, Texas); Residence: Hutto, Texas (near Austin); Project Management / Controls
E-mail Address: Contact Management; Tel: 281.669.2660
Thank you so very much Mr. Riviere for sponsoring Aleks and me. We want to help however we can. I think Aleks will be initially at the Carib Guest House and shuttle between there and the Rainforest Paradise Health and Wellness Centre at Belles. He and the owner are discussing how Aleks might contribute, possibly a fitness centre, since this, in conjunction with organic nutrition, is his area of expertise. I'm approaching retirement with a huge library I hope to ship to Dominica and donate to libraries in need and help where the need is greatest.

RAYMOND, Terry Orlando; (Roseau); Residence: (Trafalgar); Post High School
E-mail Address: Contact Management; Tel: (767) 245-3040
Participate as Youth Organisation Leader. Environmental Education; Computer Technology.

REID, Daniel A. (Roseau); Project Management Professional - BA, PMP
E-mail Address: Contact Management; Tel: (767)-448-6511
Certified Project Management Professional,PMP; First Dominican Designated PMP by the Project Management Institute, USA; University, Heriot-Watt: Edinburgh Business School:- Current STUDENT Master of Business Administration Degree; Postgraduate Certificate of Business Administration; University of the West Indies: Centre for Management Development:- Postgraduate Executive Diploma in General Management; University, International Theological, Pasadena:- Bachelor of Arts Degree in Business Ethics(Hon's. Human Resources Management and Information Systems Technology); University of the West Indies, Mona:- Certificate in Public Administration; University of the West Indies, St. Augustine:- Certificate in Academic English; ICL Int'l Training Centre, England:- Certificates in Software Technologies.

RICHARDS, Francis E. (Roseau); MSc. Marketing and Product Management
E-mail Address: Contact Management; Tel: 1-767-448-4587
MSc. Marketing and Product Management - (Agricultural Marketing Systems for Developing Countries - Option) from Cranfield University, (United Kingdom) Faculty of Agricultural Engineering, Food Production and Land Use.

RICHARDS, Mahailia Stracia, (Pottersville); Residence: New Brunswick, Canada; High School and College Diplomas; BA (Psychology)
E-mail Address: Contact Management;
Graduate of the Clifton Dupigny Community College. Bachelor of Arts Degree - Major in Psychology, Minor in Economics, Minor in Sociology and Minor in Human Resource Management, at St. Thomas University in New Brunswick, Canada.

RICHARDS, Shirley, (Roseau); Residence: Ontario Canada; B.AA; M.Ed
E-mail Address: Contact Management;
B.AA in Public Administration and M.Ed degree in Adult (Higher)Education. Employed as a professor with Humber Institute of Technology and Advanced Learning and with Brock University. Duties include designing, coordinating and facilitating learning opportunities for all full-time faculty as well as teaching in the Brock B.Ed program.

RIVIERE, Arlington; (Portsmouth); Dip. Admin;
E-mail Address: Contact Management;
Now retired, Arlington was a career civil servant and graduate in Public Administration, was Dominica's Ambassador Extraordinary to the United States and Officer of the Organization of American States (O.A.S.).

RIVIERE, Derrick, (Trafalgar);Residence: Baltimore MD; Materials Handler
E-mail Address: Contact Management; Tel: 410-433-0801
I am now attending Tesst College of Technology and am studying Computer Networking. My goal is to sucessfully complete school to obtain the nessasary certifications I would need to work in the computer field. Secondly, I would like to start college and get my bachelors degree in Network Information or Computer Engineering.

RIVIERE, Fiona; (Thibaud); Residence: Washington, DC; BSc (Business Marketing)
E-mail Address: Contact Management; Tel: 202-412-0531
I specialize in Film Production, Marketing, Painting. I am a painter, and presently pursuing a M.F.A. degree in Film at Howard University. I am presently working on a film project which I hope to film in Dominica. In the future I plan to develop a production company that will focus on telling the stories of the Caribbean, helping to develop Caribbean cinema.

RIVIERE, John R.; (Marigot); Residence: Bowie, Maryland; Business Law, Public Policy & Business Administration
E-mail Address: Contact Management; Tel: 301-262-7939
Participation: On working Committes; Senior at UMUC, College Park, MD - Gradution: 09-03

RIVIERE, LaReo; (Marigot); Residence: London UK; B.Sc. (Hons), Dip.Psych., MA.
E-mail Address: Contact Management; Tel: +44(0)7782332215
Participation: Paper Submission. Currently managing a Mental Health Rehab Unit. Also lectures partime at University. Commencing PhD in Social Pyschology in January 2004.

RIVIERE, Lyndon A. (Goodwill); M.A.(Sociology), B.S.
E-mail Address: Contact Management; Tel: (301) 439-0962
Ph.D expected 2003.

RIVIERE, Osborne; (Colihaut); B.A. (Econ.), M.A. (Int. Trade.), Dip. (Int. Rel.),
E-mail Address: Contact Management;
Graduate in Economics; postgraduate in International Trade and International Relations. He was Minister of Trade, Industry and Marketing; was also a career civil servant who represented Dominica in several overseas positions, including the Caribbean Common Market (CARICOM).

RIVIERE, Raglan E.; (Massacre); B.Sc. (Sociology); M.H.A. (Health Administration);
E-mail Address: Contact Management; Tel: 705-429-5955
Graduate in Sociology, London University, U.K. and postgraduate in Health Administration, University of Ottawa; Recipient of WHO/PAHO Fellowship Award. Post-grad thesis: "The Impact of the Assessment and Placement Service on Nursing Home Organization and Delivery of Service in Hamilton, Ontario. Canada - (1971-1973)". Author of "Rumpunch and Prejudice", Born Too Late and Colonial Deception - Book One

RIVIERE, Vincent; (Mahaut)
E-mail Address: Contact Management; Tel: 020 73415609
Chief Inspector of Weights and Measures Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea, London

ROBIN, Wilworth; (Wesley); B.S.C.E.(hon), M. Eng., M.S.C.E., Civil Engineer
E-mail Address: Contact Management; Tel: (410) 526 0017
Graduate of St.Andrews High School(89), and Sixth Form College(91). B.S.C.E. and M.Eng. - Howard University. Thesis, "The Comparative Performance of Isotropic and Conventional AASHTO Bridge Deck Slabs". M.S.C.E.: Howard University, 2001 (Structural Engineering). Currently a geotechnical engineer at an engineering firm in Baltimore, MD

ROBINSON, Cindy; (Roseau); Residence: Baltimore, Maryland; BSME (BS in Mechanical Engineering)
E-mail Address: Contact Management;
Participation: Mechanical Engineering. I graduated from the Goodwill Secondary School (GSS) in 1994. After which I attended the Clifton Dupigny College (94-96), accademic division. For three years I worked as a manager at Robinson's Supermarket in Dominica. Currently I am at the University of Maryland, Baltimore County (UMBC) doing my Master's in Mechanical Engineering. After completing this degree, I plan to work and establish a business here. I estinate this will take about 5 yrs. Once that is done, I am moving my family to Dominica. Need to go back home to help. Dominica is NOT going to advance if we all stay here and complain about it!!!.

ROBINSON Dawn(nee Celaire); ('Honorary Pointe Michelian'); Microsoft certified (Master MOUS) SAITT
E-mail Address: Contact Management;
Senior IT Training Consultant (UK & Overseas Offices) for international law firm in London; CHS (Roseau); Southwark College (UK); Fellow of Institute of IT Training (FIITT); Microsoft Master Instructor; Prince2 qualified (Project Management).

ROBINSON, Diane; (Roseau); Residence: New Jersey; B.Sc, Biochemistry, M.D
E-mail Address: Contact Management; Tel: 301-559-5777 Participation: Medical Science; Born in Roseau to Edrick and Eileen Robinson in 1977. I attended Convent High School (89-93), Clifton Dupigny Community College (93-95). I taught at the Wesley High School for one year, then left to pursue a higher education at the State University of New York at Stony Brook, (96-99), after which I embarked on a career in medicine at Howard University College of Medicine (99-03). I am beginning my medical residency in Obstetric and Gynecology at the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey. A challenge I will be committed to for the next 4 years. My intentions are to advance the health care of women in Dominica and the wider Caribbean.

ROBINSON, Edrick 'Ken'; (Marigot);
E-mail Address: Contact Management; Tel: 767-448-4127
Participation: To work for technological development. Graduate of Combermere High School, Barbados. Self-taught Cinematographer, Audio Engineer and Businessman. Co-Founder of the Anual Fame Awards in Dominica. Interested in facilitating a better tomorrow for all Dominicans.

ROBINSON, Giselle; (Marigot); Bachelor of Commerce
E-mail Address: Contact Management; Tel: (416) 422-5436

ROBINSON, Marvlyn, (Roseau), Residence: Giraudel; SRN.SCN
E-mail Address: Contact Management; Tel: 767-448-7719
Interest in culture. Developing my community. Managing a cultural dance group. Making creole/traditional dresses. Landscaping roadsides and cooperating with Giraudel Flower Growers.

ROBINSON, Sheba; (Weirs, Marigot); BS Computer Programming
E-mail Address: Contact Management; Tel: 301-890-3642
Attended the Marigot Govt. School and the Wesley High School; One of the First female officers in the Dominica Cadet Corp; Attended Strayer University, Washington, DC - BSc. Computer Programming; Specialist in Hospitality Management and Human Resources Management

ROYER, Eugene Gerbier, (Curacoa); Residence: Wotten Waven , Dominica; R.I.B.A. AA Dipl., BSc., Architecture
E-mail Address: Contact Management; Tel: (767) 245 0930
Participation: Consultant. Chartered Architect graduated from London England. Work experience: work and lived in England, France, Jamaica, St Kitts and Dominica. Presently in Private Practice (since 1992) in Goodwill. We do a number of Valuations for privately owned houses and lots via the local banks. We also specialize in Building design and construction /contract management. We also act as consultants to the Dominica Planning Department for construction plans of national/civic importance.
During the course of our normal operations we do a number of projects (free of charge) to benefit the local community. At present we are working on the following community assistance projects: Convent Preparatory School Gate, access staircase and Threshold drain, Design of the Dominica Amateur Radio Club Inc. Headquarters, Canefield East. I am presently living in Dominica and I intend to remain here and do what I can to help our local community.

ROYER, Laurel A. (Vieille Case); Residence: Indiana; B.Sc (Chemistry)
E-mail Address: Contact Management
I am in graduate school at Purdue University in West Lafayette, Indiana.

ROYER,Marva; (Massacre); Residence: Dallas, Texas; BS (Physics and Mathematics)
E-mail Address: Contact Management Tel: 972-661-2320
Participation: on working committees. I have recently completed my BS in Physics and Mathematics and am now pursuing my Masters in Physics. I would like to be a member of this Academy in an effort to join the Dominica Math Society. I intend to return to Dominica after completing my degree to be a teacher at the Dominica State College.

ROYER-MICHEL, Janice; (Born in Roseau, lived in Atkinson Village); Residence: Huntsville, AL; Dip. B.A., B.S. (Accounting)
E-mail Address: Contact Management; Tel: 1(256)534-8050
Participation on Working Committees. I graduated from St. Andrews High School in 1991, worked with Ministry of Education of Dominica as Inventory/Bookeeper, then as Teacher at Atkinson Gov't School and Sineku Gov't School. Diploma of Business Management from M.F.H.S. Bachelor of Science Degree in Accounting at Oakwood College in Alabama. In process of completing MBA in Finance. Currently employed as an Accountant(Taxation and Payroll). Looking forward to building my own multimillion corporation and sharing it with my fellow Dominicans

SAINT-HILAIRE, Dr Antoinette; (); DBA; MBA; Dip,M, Bsc Hons
E-mail Address: Contact
Management; Tel: 0208 331 8415
Senior Lecturer and Academic Researcher in Marketing.

SALANDY, Dr. Anthony, (Trinidad): Ph.D.
E-mail Address: Contact Management;
Developmental Psychology Ph.D.

SAMPSON, Jaime Mikela (Roseau); Resience: Maryland, USA; B.S., M.Ed.
E-mail Address: Contact Management;
B.S. - (Biolog); M.Ed. - (Secondary Ed)

SAMPSON, Julius B; (Mahaut); B.Sc.;
E-mail Address: Contact Management;
BSc Business Administration, Finance. 22 years experience in Financial Services with Merrill Lynch. Currently Portfolio Manager in the firm's Personal Investment Advisory Programme. Rose to Vice President in 1987 and First Vice President in 2000.

SANDY, Lucia; (Goodwill); Residence: Bath Estate; MSc, BSc, BA
E-mail Address: Contact Management; Tel: 767-448-8249
MSc (The University of Sydney, 1995), BA & BSc (New Mexico State University, 1990). Coordinates the Environmental, Occupational Health & Safety programme at Colgate Palmolive-Dominica (aka Dominica Coconut Products)

SANFORD, Roy, (Carib Territory); BA Philosophy/Journalism
E-mail Address: Contact Management; Tel: 1-767-805-5845
Reporter at The Gleaner, Jamaica's oldest and biggest daily newspaper.

SAVARIN-JOHN, Petronella; (Portsmouth), Residence: Ontario, Canada; Systems Operations Consultant
E-mail Address: Contact Management;E-mail Address: Tel: 416-291-9581
Participation: Co-ordinator, Dominica Worldwide Associations. President, Commonwealth of Dominica Ontario Association (CDOA).

SCHMITZ, Patti; (Tiffin, OH); LPN (Practical Nursing)
E-mail Address: Contact Management;
I graduated in 1977 from Bowling Grenn Area School of Practical Nursing. I work with Dr. Samuel Christian at the Heartland Nutrition Institute as a Licenced Practical Nurse. I am also a Health Consultant and facilitator for Dominican Overseas Doctors.

SCOTLAND, Lynton; (St. Joseph); Bachelors Degree (Chemical Engineering), Masters Degree (Statistics), MBA
E-mail Address: Contact Management; Tel: 302-594-6127
Engineering, Sales, Marketing profession

SERAPHIN, Anthony, (Soufriere, St. Mark); Residence: Delaware, USA; BSc, MSc
E-mail Address: Contact Management; Tel: (302) 831-1021
Participation: Spokesperson, working committees. Florida State University -- BSc (Meteorology/Mathematics/Statistics). Reading University, England -- Early graduate work (Agricultural Meteorology/Statistics). Special interest -- Boundary Layer Flows (Wind Tunnel Simulations) University of Delaware -- MSc Climatology/Statistics. Special interest -- Boundary layer Flows (Water Tunnel simulation). Continuing research -- Air Pollution with emphasis on Ozone Climatology (Statistical Modelling)

SERAPHINE, Chris. J. Riccardo, (Soufriere); Residence: Canefield; Writer/Journalist, Secondary Education
E-mail Address: Contact Management; Tel:1-767-500-0748
Assistant Editor... Dominica Chronicle (Dominica); Editor, Freedom Voice (Dominica); Associate Editor, Islander Magazine (St. Johns)/ SunTime - St. Lucia; Columnist, Herald, Star & Independent (Dominica); Advocate (Barbados). Correspondent, Westindian World (U.K.), Share (Canada), Street Sound (U.S.A.); Broadcast/Radio ... Worked Part-Time D.B.S- Radio as Producer/Co-Host of the "Children's Programme" and host of the "Oldies" show.
Recently had first full-length book published in the U.S.A.: (a) Title - NONE BUT THE!; (b) Author - Chris. J. Riccardo Seraphine; (c) ISBN # - 0-595-23623-5.This can be viewed and purchased at: (; (; (; (; (; and (

SEVERIN, Reginald Oliver (Woodford Hill); B.S. Agriculture (Agron./ AgrBusiness)
E-mail Address: Contact Management; Tel: (580)-355-7794 /581-2275
National Honor Student (Phi Kappa Phi). Special training in Sustainable Agriculture.

SEVERIN, C. Sherman; (Roseau); MBA, MS, Ph.D.
E-mail Address: Contact Management; Tel: 206-842-4935
Has a Ph. D. and M.S. in Material Science and Solid State Physics from Iowa State University; MBA from Iona's Hagen School of Management, and a BS in Physics and Mathematics from Iona College. Serves as CEO of Pinchot & Co.-The Intrapraneurship Company. His expertise is in Creating & Implementing Alternative Scenarios-Vision to Action. He is the author of 'In the Twinkle of an Eye-Corporation Extinction & Rebirth', a book about personal and corporate rebirth during downsizing. He is a national keynote speaker on Corporate Strategy & Change Management, Information Technology Strategy, Generational Work Issues and Sustaining Innovation in large corporations.
He is an experienced business technologist, having led projects in utility energy technologies, and the telecom, semiconductor and the software industries. He has a career that spans being a laboratory research scientist; President & CEO of a VC backed engineered materials company; Chair of Graduate Business & Management degree programs; and a Principal Management Consultant & Manager with PricewaterhouseCoopers and a consultant on strategic alliances and growth capital raising for PwC Securities. As a Principal Management Consultant with PricewaterhouseCoopers, he specialized in creating alternative scenarios in business strategies and implementations. He has worked on energy deregulation in California, construction of large utility customer information systems, new energy information technologies and spinning off a subsidiary of a large utility company. He is currently involved in new environmental technologies.
He was the co-founder and formerly Acting VP-Business Development/CTO at a national retail energy transaction exchange information clearinghouse. Previously, he has been President and CEO of United Epitaxial Technologies, an engineered materials company; Chairman of Marylhurst University Graduate Department of Management; CEO of Telergy and President of its subsidiary, Elecon Systems, a pioneer of internet e-commerce systems; and Marketing & Product Development Vice-President of Softstream International, Inc, a packaged software company. As a material scientist, he played a very significant role in developing markets for gallium arsenide technology and in rapidly expanding the Intel's 80286-microprocessor (and successors) usage due to superior yields derived from switching the building of the product unto epitaxial silicon. His strengths are in strategic alliances, corporate leadership, business & strategic market expansion, project implementation and turning visions into sustainable implementations.

SEVERIN-AZILLE, Annette L (Roseau);
E-mail Address: Contact Management; Tel: 767 235 3900
Degree in Business Administration.

SHEPARD, Buford Merle; (USA); B.S.(Biololgy), M.S. & Ph.D. Entomology
E-mail Address: Contact Management; Tel: 843-766-3761
Currently professor and Director of Clemson University's Coastal Research and Education C enter, 2865 Savannah Hwy, Charleston, SC, USA 29414.

SHILLINGFORD, Anastasia; (Dos'Dane); B.A., M.B.E;
E-mail Address: Contact Management; Tel: 020 8472 8481
Currently the managing director of East London Foster carers (ELF), foster parent of three lively children, a race relations champion, an executive member to various organisations and a church ministry.

SHILLINGFORD, Clayton Arthur; (Roseau); M.Sc.(London U); Ph.D Plant Pathology/Agriculture; Diploma in Management, UWI;
E-mail Address: Contact Management; Tel: 302-239-9643
Senior Science Master, Dominica Grammar School; Senior Pathologist, Jamaica Banana Board Research Dept; Quality Controller and Head, Crop Productivity, Operations Dept, Jamaica Banana Board. M.Sc. (UWI) Thesis "Studies on the Vegetation of Dominica". Thirtyfour (34) published technical papers and reports on banana pests and diseases and control measures; Diploma of Membership, Imperial College of Science and Technology, London Sigma Xi, Scientific Research Society of N.America; American Phytopathology Society (APS); Association for Cooperation in Banana Research in the Caribbean and Tropical America (ACORBAT), President; Organisation of Tropical American Nematologists (OTAN); Research Asst and Visiting Professor, University of Illinois; Product Development Manager and Research Associate, Dupont Agricultural Products.

SHILLINGFORD, J. Davison; (Roseau). Residence: W. Bloomfield, Michigan; B.S., M.S., Ph.D.
E-mail Address: Contact Management; Tel: 248-626-2338
Participation: Economic Development Committee. B.S. Hon (Ag.Ec. UWI); Dipl. in Ag. Plng (FAO, Rome), Ph.D (Resource Econ & Planning, Cornell); Cornell Phi Kappa Phi (Honor Society); Ag. Officer, Dept. Agrc, Dca; Sr. Economist, CARICOM, Guyana; Adjunct Prof. of Management Economics, Pace Univ, NY; Sr. Market Analyst, Auto Forecasting, GM Corp; GM Mktg representative on US National Automated Highway System Consortium; Manager, Truck Competitor Analysis, GM North American Operations; Team Leader, Dominica Botanic Gardens website; M.S. Thesis - Agricultural Performance of the Major Land Types in Dominica; Ph.D. Thesis - Sugarcane Harvest Mechanization on Jamaican Plantations; published papers include - Feeding Bananas and Coconut Meal for Pork Production in Dominica, Trop. Agric; A Multi-equation US Auto Segment Model, London Auto Conf. Proceedings; Automated Highways in the US (co-author), Paris IT Conf. Proceedings; Honors - Island Investors of NY, President; US Society of Automotive Analysts; GM President's Honors.

SHILLINGFORD, Mahala (Roseau); B.Sc, Biology, M.Sc Microbiology
E-mail Address: Contact Management; Tel: 301-390-7073
Currently working on a Doctor of Engineering in Environmental Engineering.

E-mail Address: Contact Management; Tel: 212-261-2464 & 917-327-8030

SHILLINGFORD, Ronald A. (Roseau); Dip in Intl. Trade and Tourism
E-mail Address: Contact Management; Tel: 718-468-1385

SHILLINGFORD, Sharlene Jo-Ann; (Roseau); BA, BA, MA,
E-mail Address: Contact Management; Tel: 1 613 236 8952 x 27
Bachelor's Degree English Literature; Bachelor's Degree Biology, Florida Southern, lakeland, Florida. Master's Degree, Intl. Relations and Diplomacy, specification in Trade Developmental Negotiations, Schiller University, Paris,France.

SIMON, Clem Leslie; (Goodwill, Dominica); BSc. Cnst. Eng/Mgnt; MCIOB; Dip.QS
E-mail Address: Contact Management; Tel: 876 903 0641
Currently pursuing Graduate studies in Construction Engineering, Faculty of Enginnering St. Augustin Trinidad. I am also a full member of the American Association of Cost Engineers.

SKERRETT, Joanne; (Roseau); Residence: Boston, Massachusetts; BA; MBA
E-mail Address: Contact Management;
Participation: Member. BA, Univ. of Mass.; MBA, Northeastern U. Journalist and novelist.

SKERRIT, Corbin; (St. Joseph); BA
E-mail Address: Contact Management; Tel: 703-781-0092
Participation: To work for technological development. Born in St. Joseph in 1959. Graduate of the St. Joseph Government School. Graduated from the University of Maryland in 2000 with a BS in Business Management. Since 1979, I have served in the US Army 2nd Armored Division for four years in Heavy Equipment Maintenance and Repair, including all automotive equipment in the tank corp. Currently I am a Sgt. Major, US Army, engaged in Morale, Welfare and Recreation management.

SMITH-JOSEPH, Sylvia (Wesley Village); CQSW, MA, PG dipSDE, Cert.Couns
E-mail Address: Contact Management; Tel: 0208 845 2575
Currently puring a Doctorate in Social Work - specialising in Management, Training and Professional Education

SORHAINDO, Damien (Goodwill); BSc (Physics & Applied Science)
E-mail Address: Contact Management; Tel: (767) 448-6293
I am currently working as the Industrial Engineer for Colgate-Palmolive Dominica (aka DCP).

SPRINGER, Basil; (Barbados); Ph.D.
E-mail Address: Contact Management; Website
Dr. Basil Springer GCM is Change-Engine Consultant, Caribbean Business Enterprise Trust Inc. (CBET). He is a weekly contributor to the Barbados Advocate. Some of his articles can be read on DAAS Discussion Papers

STEPHENSON, Alexander A., (Roseau Central); Residence: Canefield East, Finance and Banking;
E-mail Address: Contact Management; Tel: 1 767 255 2300
Presently doing a Masters in General Management

STEVENS, Richard Paul; (NEW CASTLE, PA, USA), Residence: CHEVY CHASE, MD, Ph.D (Political Science & History).
E-mail Address: Contact Management; Tel: 301-654-7836

ST. JEAN, Nelcia: (Castle Bruce); Residence: Tortola, BVI; Attorney; LLB(Hons);BCom(AccandFin);
E-mail Address: Contact Management; Tel: 12845410260
Specialisation in Corporate and Commercial law in an offshore financial industry.

ST. JEAN, Peter K.B.; (Trafalgar); As; BS(CRJ); BA(Eng); MA(CRIM); Ph.D.(SOC);
E-mail Address: Contact Management; Website; Tel: 716-645-2417; FAX: 716-645-3934
Assistant Professor of Law and Society, Department of Sociology, State University of New York (SUNY) at Buffalo.
Many military sponsored academic awards and undergraduate awards. Most recent academic award was University of Chicago Department of Sociology 1999 High Honors, in special fields of Urban Sociology, Political Economy, Community Social Organization, Community Policing, and Communities and Crime Intervention, Qualitative and Quantative Research Methods.
Another note worthy recent academic was as "Community Safety" award given to me by community members of the Chicago Alternative Policing Strategy (CAPS) the contribution that my ongoing research has supposedly made to neighborhood safety in the highest violent crime police district on Chicago's South Side.
Perhaps most interestingly was a January 2000 award that the same organizational members in Chicago gave me for my academic research in what they called "International Peacekeeping" because of my involvement with Community Policing efforts in Dominica (mainly Grand Bay 1996-2000), Tokyo, Japan (1995-96) British Columbia, Canada (1995, 1997) and Chicago (1997 to current).

ST. LUCE, Ralph P; (Portsmouth); M.D., DABFP, FAFFP;
E-mail Address: Contact Management;
MD at UWI.

ST. ROSE-TUCKER, Kay (Coulibistrie); Residence: Brampton, Ontario; BA, B. ED;
E-mail Address: Contact Management;el: (416) 294-3297
BA (Canada), Bachelor of Ed. (Canada). I am an elementary school teacher, with the Toronto District School Board. I taught at the Isaiah Secondary School, and since my return to Canada, I have taught several grades. I have also taught English as a Second Language (ESL) and I've been a mentor to new teachers and student teachers. I have also been involved in interviewing potential teacher candidates for the faculty of Education at a Toronto university. I have also worked as a Literacy co-ordinator for a Grade K-5 school. In addition to being a classroom teacher, I am currently our school's Literacy Convener, Language Lead Teacher, a member of our school's Literacy Team as well the school's Leadership Team. I have a passion for early literacy, and would be delighted to work with individuals in Dominica who share the same interest.

STOUTE, Winston, (Petite Savanne); Residence: USA; Black Hawk Helicopter Mechanic
E-mail Address: Contact Management;
Looking forward to gaining my BS in alternative medicine.I'm presently enlisted in the US military but looking to complete my education and then return HOME where I could open up a wellness center practicing oriental medicine and to include Yoga and a full service spar.

STUART, Abadona; London; Residence: ENGLAND; Creative Enterprise
E-mail Address: Contact Management; Tel: 02085909323
Organiser and Construction of Social Events. Dance Teacher, Choreographer and Performer. Idea Consutant and Motivator. Entrepeneur

SYLVESTER, Darren James, (Born: London, England; Father from Marigot, Dominica); LL.B. (Hons), PgDPLS, Barrister-at-Law
E-mail Address: Contact Management; Tel: 020 8992 0142
Darren was Called to the Bar of England and Wales by the Honourable Society of Lincoln's Inn on 24th July 2003, aged 21. His practice areas include personal injury, employment, landlord and tenant, and family law. Darren was a youth member of the Dominica Oversea Nationals Association (DONA) since 1991 and joined the Executive Committee of the association in 2003 as its projects officer. Darren is currently the Hon. Treasurer of the association and a Trustee of the Dominica Oversea Nationals Association's Aid Dominica Development Trust. Darren is also highly involved in the the Dominica National Disaster Fund (DNDF) and has previously assisted in drafting amendments of its Constitution as well as rendering free legal advice from time to time, as the need arises.

SYLVESTER, Veronica (Ronnie); (Glanvilla), Residence: Florida. Banking & Residential Mortgage
E-mail Address: Contact Management; Tel: 954 240-0140
VP/Bank of America. Experience with Residential Mortgages, foreign National Programs, Community Redevelopment for Low to moderate income clients.

TAVERNIER, Edmund M. (Pointe Michel); Residence: New Jersey; Ph.D
E-mail Address: Contact
Management; Tel: 732-932-9171 x256
Participation: Paper Submission, Working committees. Associate Professor of Agricultural Economics. Participated in research grants totaling over $1 million. Invited speaker at international and national conferences on agricultural policy. Peered reviewed articles in journals and other publications.

TELEMAQUE, Francisco Etienne (Wesley Villege Dominica); Electronic/Electrical engineer
E-mail Address: Contact Management; Tele: 323-730-8530
Electronic/Electrical engineer

THOMAS, Eilyne Marilyn; (Marigot); BA Hons
E-mail Address: Contact Management;
Hons BA in English and Sociology.

THOMAS, Kathy , nee Toulon; (Goodwill); Residence: Queens, NY; Diploma in Accounting, (CW Post College)
E-mail Address: Contact Management; Tel: 718-771-5199
Participation: Clothing Design and TV Co-Host. Designer and producer of apparel, to include wedding dresses, Domimican cultural wear (Rôum;be Creole, Diwet, etc); Mrs. Thomas ownes and operates a Haute Couture boutique in Brooklyn, New York. In addition, she is co-host of the "Solutions" program on Queens New York Public television. A graduate of the Convent High School; Mrs. Thomas and her husband Maurison Thomas, a 1977 graduate of the St. Mary's Academy, were awarded the Roosevelt Douglas Foundation's Order of Merit at the December 2003, Dominican Diaspora in the Development Processs Symposium held in Brooklyn New York for their work in Public Television, clothing design and video production.

THOMAS, Joseph, (Marigot); Residence: Melville Battery/Kingshill; Associate in Accounts/Dip in Journalism E-mail Address: Contact Management; Tel: 235-9870/616-0177
Former Primary School Teacher. Radio and Tevevision Sports Commentator. Producer of DA first ever sports Quarterly Magazine (Now defunt). Current Tevevision Talk show host at SAT TV(nightly programs)

THOMAS, Maurison A., (Goodwill), Residence: New York, NY; Certified Video Dip. (CW Post College)
E-mail Address: Contact Management; Tel: 718-771-5199
Participation: Moka Productions is a Video Prod. Co. Moka Productions is a Dominican owned and operated Video/DVD company in New York. Its owner, Maurison Thomas, hosts a weekly public TV show "Solutions" on Queens Public Access TV. Moka was the official videographer for the Dominican Diaspora in the Development Process Brooklyn Symposium of December 2001, hosted by the RDF and DAAS.

THOMAS, P.; (Pottersville, Roseau); B.A.
E-mail Address: Contact Management;
BA Sociology & Criminology (Dal Univ)

TIMOTHY, Hannah, (Roseau);BA(HONS) Tourism Management
E-mail Address: Contact Management;

TITRE, Jeana; (Dominica); Residence: NEW YORK; BA (Criminal Justice)
E-mail Address: Contact Management; Tel: 718-345-6212/917-450-8688
Participation: working with committee to obtain aid.
I am a recent graduate of John Jay College of Criminal Justice with a BA in Criminal Justice. I concentrated on Crime and Society and graduated Magna Cum Luade. I am currently applying to various law schools in NY with hopes of beginning in February. I am also the secretary for the Love Tabernacel Fellowship International New York. My interest is to help the people of Dominica which ever way I can. I have obtained medical donations for Dominica from the NYC Department of Hospitals and wish to continue in this field. I am currently trying to establish a small committee in my part of the country. The basis of the committee would be to obtain grants and various aids for Dominica. I am also a full time employee with a successful Interior Designing Company in Ny.

TOUSSAINT, Bascillia A. (Goodwill); Residence: New York; Organizational Psychologist
E-mail Address: Contact Management;
Bachelors in Psychology/Minor Sociology from Hunter College/CUNY, Masters in Social-Organizational Psychology from Columbia University. Currently work as an Organizational Psychologist for the government, specializing in Human Resource Development - career/personal development, individual/group assessments, counseling, performance appraisals, training and development..

VAN HORNE, Esther, (Willemstad, Curacao); Residence: Curacao N.A.; Bachelor degree in Arts of Tourism
E-mail Address: Contact
Management; Tel: +5999 5178479
Academic achievement: Bachelor degree in Arts of Tourism/Tourism Management. Background/experience in field of tourism education. Name contact person Dominica: Clyde Cadeau Very much interested in island tourism development and near future plans on establishing in Dominica.

VICTOR, Earl, (Cottage); Residence: Dominica; DAEFLE; BEd; MPhil(Ed.).
E-mail Address: Contact Management;
Participation: Paper Submission. Graduate/trained high school teacher:Diplome D'Aptitude de l'Enseignement du Francais Langue Etrangere, Alliance Francaise,Paris,France(French Ministry of Culture Scholarship); BEd (Secondary Education) University of Alberta, Canada (CIDA Francophone Scholarship). Cambridge Commonwealth Trust Scholarship to pursue Mphil (Politics, Democracy and Education)at University of Cambridge(expected to complete July 2003)

VIDAL, Gregory; (Portsmouth); Residence: New Orleans LA; BS, MS, PhD
E-mail Address: Contact Management; Tel: 504-909-1701
After completing a BS in Biology, research came calling and I completed a MS in genetics with emphasis on hemoglobin genetic pathologies at the university of Mississippi (1995-2001). From there I transferred to Tulane University Health Sciences Center (TUHSC) of New Orleans Louisiana where I fulfilled a PhD requirement in Structural and Cellular Biology with emphasis in Breast Cancer (2001-2005). I later enrolled in the MD program at TUHSC and am currently beginning my 4th year and final year (2004-present). My future plans involve being board certified in hematology and medical oncology doubling as both a cancer researcher and clinician.
Publication: DNA and Cellular Biology, Journal of Cell Biology, Journal of Biological Chemistry, Cancer Research journal and Oncogene Journal. I have given several oral and abstract presentation of my work at national scientific conferences around the US.
Lagniappe: Having been a victim of the incredible Storms Katrina and Rita in New Orleans, I have a unique insight into the successes and inadequacies of government and its role in our daily lives.

VIDAL, Sharon; (Newtown); MBA
E-mail Address: Contact Management; Tel: 580-357-1355
Masters in Business Administration; to obtain a Ph.D in Economics.

VOLNEY, Christian; (Roseau); E.Eng, P.Eng. (Engineering);
E-mail Address: Contact Management; Tel: (905)-881-6680
Graduated from Devry Institute of Technology -- Electronic Engineering; Graduated from the Plastic Society of Engineers as Process Engineer; Studied yearly to present at York University at the Schulich School of Business/Division of Executive Development/Seminars in Facilitative Leadership, Successfully Managing people, Finiance. Completed 3 levels in Auto cad programming at Seneca College for the Applied Arts.

WALDRON, Nicholas; (Portsmouth); Residence: Checkhall Massacre Dominica; Retired Bank Manager
E-mail Address: Contact
Management; Tel: 767 449 0265
Retired Manager Barclays Bank Plc. Former Chairman National Bank of Dominica.

WALSH, Joe; (Birmingham, UK); Residence: Sydney Australia; Avionics Military
E-mail Address: Contact Management;
Participation: Financial Donation, Paper Submission. Father is Dominican

WARNER, Paula, (Newtown, Roseau); Journalism
E-mail Address: Contact Management; Tel: 1-869-469-7570
Senior Reporter for the past four years with the St. Kitts/Nevis Observer Newspaper.

WARRINGTON, Desmond; (Portsmouth); Residence: Savanne Paille; College Graduate
E-mail Address: Contact Management; Tel: 17672451782
Participation: On working committees. Mathematics & Physics @ A level. Presently Information Technology Teacher.

WARRINGTON, Lorden R. (Marigot); MPT
E-mail Address: Contact Management; Tel: 410-519-5970
MPT-Master of Physical Therapy.

WATT, Yoanna; (Tete Morne, Grand Bay), Residence: UK; Special Education
E-mail Address: Contact Management; Tel: 07960936956
Participation: Financial Donation. Special Education needsfor ages 4-11

WATTY, Lisa Samantha; (Canefield); Residence: Canefield; High School
E-mail Address: Contact Management; Tel:
Teacher for the Blind and Deaf wishing to be certified in Visual Impairment.

WATTY, W. R. Franklin; (Portsmouth, Dominica); BSc (Econ), MA (Pl), MCIP, OPPI, RPP.
E-mail Address: Contact Management; Tel: 1-519-885-6581
Certificate in Environmental Assessment (Universities of Guelph and Waterloo. Certificate of Completion (Conflict Consensus Institute). Certificate of Achievement, Mediation Skills Development, STITT FELD HANDY HOUSTON ADR LTD.

WEBSTER, Sacha; (Roseau); Residence: Maryland; Information Tech. (IT);
E-mail Address: Contact Management;
Participation: Active in the childrens foundation. I will like to get my master's degree in Education.

WEIR, Collin Coke, (St. Elizabeth, Jamaica); Residence: Florida 32137; B.Sc, M.Sc, Ph.D
E-mail Address: Contact Management; Tel: 386-447-3878
I am a recently retired Professor of Soils and Agronomy. My most recent employer was the University of the District of Columbia, in Washington, DC. As a former Research Scientist with the University of the West Indies from 1964 to 1973, (based in Trinidad and Jamaica), I carried out much agronomic research investigations, on the production of Citrus trees in Dominica and other Caribbean countries. During my active academic tenure, I published numerous scientific papers, bulletins, reports, etc. (over 100), on a wide range of agricultural science topics. Since retiring, I live in Palm Coast, Florida, and do some part-time Consulting mostly in Jamaica and the Caribbean region. As a non Dominican, I name as my sponsor the President of DAAS - Dr. Clayton Shillingford.

WHITE, Josiane Flerin; (San Sauveur); Residence: New York; AS; Bus. Admin.
E-mail Address: Contact Management; Tel: 845 721 7919
Currently pursuing BA in Bus Admin, then on to MA in Healthcare Mgmt. Professional Medical Billing and Collections Manager with 16 years experience working in a NY based Hospital with monthly collections of $11 million.

WILLIAMS, Amandy, (La Plaine); Residence: Check Hall; MBA; BA Biology
E-mail Address: Contact Management
Masters Business Administration with concentration in Project Management at Keller Graduate School of Management of DeVry University. Currently DNA Lab technician at Ross University School of Medicine in Picard Portsmouth. Goals/About to begin: Masters of Science in Forensic DNA and Serology. Future Goals: Ph.D. Immunology/Virology.

WILLIAMS, Delroy Nester, (Bath Estate); Residence: Bath Estate; College Graduate
E-mail Address: Contact Management; Tel: 1 767 614 2733
Participation: as Dominican. I'm very much interested in the development of the youth as well as agriculture. I'm currently the general secretary of the NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF YOUTH IN AGRICULTURE OF DOMINICA (NAYA_DOMINICA)

WILLIAMS, Dorella J, (Roseau), Residence: Coulibistrie; B.Sc (Accounting)
E-mail Address: Contact Management;

WILLIAMS, Geneta; (Woodfordhill); B.A., MHSA, (Health Services Administration) (May 2001)
E-mail Address: Contact Management; Tel:(902)423-3830.

WILLIAMS, Kirt; (Goodwill); Residence: Texas; Electrical Engineer
E-mail Address: Contact Management; Tel: (972) 941-8793
BS Computer Science and Manufacturing Engineering Technology; MS Electrical Engineering.

WILLIAMS, Lucy-Ann: (Mahaut): Residence: Orange, New Jersey; LL.B; L.E.C. (UWI) Dip. Int'l Relations;
E-mail Address: Contact Management; Tel: 1 201 618 2696
Pursue Master in Law and Business.

WILLIAMS, Mona; (LaPlaine); Residence: (Maryland, USA);
E-mail Address: Contact Management;
Participation: On working committees. Sr Procurement Agent.

WILLIAMS, Phillippa (nee Lawrence) (Wesley Village); M.B.A., C.I.P.F.A.
E-mail Address: Contact Management; Tel: 0208 902 2671
MBA (Oct 2000) University of Westminster; Diploma in Public Accounting & Auditing (CIPFA London 1996). Post-grad Thesis "Will a Commercial Reward System Produce the Desired Level of Productivity in the Dominica Public Service?" I also prepared a Paper on Tourism for my major assignment in Marketing.

WILLIAMS-ALFRED, Claudine; (Goodwill, PMH); Residence: New York City; BS (Behavioral Sci.), MS (Orgnztnl Leadrshp)
E-mail Address: Contact Management;
Participation: paper submission. Intend to Begin Ph.D in Fall 2003 in Industrial and Organizational Psychology. I intend to my dissertation on Organizations such as Cable & Wireless in Dominica.

WILLS, Dorothy (née Green); (Morne Daniel); B.Sc., M.S.W., M.A., PhD., LL.D (Honoris Causa), C.M.,
E-mail Address: Contact Management; Tel:
Retired in June 2000, as the Dean of the Faculty of Applied Technologies at Vanier College, Quebec. Served as a member of the Immigration and Refugee Board of Canada, Convention Refugee Determination Division, for six years. An Educator in the areas of Business Education, Social Work, and Andragogy (the method by which adults learn). Taught at the High School, CEGEP and University levels. She has been named to Federal, Provincial and Municipal Committees; and has had extensive involvement in various Black Community organizations. She is the recipient of several awards, including the Mount Saint Vincent University Alumni Jubilee Award of Distinction, an Honorary Doctor of Laws degree from both Concordia University (1989) and Dalhousie University (1996), the Order of Canada (1989), The Martin Luther King Junior Award of Excellence, the Ministers Award for Excellence in Race Relations, and, has been named Woman of the Year by Salon de la Femme du Quebec.

WINSTON, Magdalene; BSc. (Computer Science), ASc. (C Language);
E-mail Address: Contact Management;
Cert. Computer Instructor - Certification received in Okinawa International Centre, Okinawa, Japan - 2000/2001 - Government of Dominica Scholarship. Scholarship received by USAID (United States Agency for International Development) - Association of Computer Professions (ACP) Certified, Surrey, England.

WINSTON, Muriel, (Roseau); Residence: London, England; SEN, O'level, English, RSA, various other courses E-mail Address: Contact Management; Tel: 0771 5376960
Participation: Youth in particular, but wherever needed. About to start a 3yr course App Science (Youth & Community Development) with Dominica as my motivation, as I feel that is where the future lies so we have to start with them. Worked with a worldwide Management Consultant (PWC) firm for 13yrs, and have had various sorts of training both practical and academical. Software eg. Microsoft Office, visio etc. Secretary of Dominican Secondary Schools Support (DASSSA) which was formed to try and provide physical help with books and equipment. I would like to see more Dominicans getting involved in some by way donating time, money or ideas to help pull Dominica forward.

WOODCOCK, James, (Welshpool, Wales, UK.), Residence: Llantrisant, South Wales, UK.; HND Business & Finance
E-mail Address: Contact Management; Tel: +44 (0)1443 228195
Participation: Paper submission. Gained HND in Business & Finance from Leeds Metropolitan University (UK)in 1989. Admitted to membership of Association of Accounting Technicians in 1996. Married to a Dominican and over the last ten years have developed a keen interest in sustainable development within Dominica. Current employment: Manager of the Welsh Timber Forum, which represents and supports small and medium sized enterprises working with Welsh timber. Sit on the Woodland Forum of the National Assembly for Wales. (Devolved government)

WYLLIS, Desmond R, (Roseau); Irvington, New Jersey; MBA-(Finance), CGA, BSc-(Accounting), CBA;
E-mail Address: Contact Management; Tel: 8622154525

XAVIER, Branker H.; (Grand Bay); Certified Hospitality Supervisor;
E-mail Address: Contact
Management; Tel: 613-759-4827.
Author of two(2) unpublished papers, "Project 2000" and "Service 2000", resulting from his survey undertaken to design a TRAINING MANUAL for employees in the Hospitality Industry. See his paper on "Eco-Tourism - The Way" under Planning Options.

XAVIER, Burgess (Newtown, Roseau); Residence: St. Aroment; Computer Network and Security Engineer;
E-mail Address: Contact Management; Tel: 7672352203
Participation: Working with Dr. Peter St.Jean; ACADEMICS: A.S - Computer Science; A+ - Certified Computer Professional; MSCE – Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer; CCNA – Cisco Network Associate; I-Net+ - Internetworking Certified Professional. Currently pursuing MBA – Information Technology Management - Expected Jan05; CFE – Certified Computer Forensic Examiner – Expected Nov -2004