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Dominica-Diaspora Policy

Proposed Work Program

LEGEND: (FW) - Frank Watty; (CAS) - Clayton Shillingford; (DS) - Dave Shillingford; (LWM) - LeRoy Mitchell; (RR) - Raglan Riviere; (TEAM) - Working Committee; (TOR) - Terms of Reference

July 25 - 31:
- Draft and circulate Work Program. (FW)
- Release Announcement and Invitation. (RR)
- Contact Area Co-ordinators. (FW, RR)
- Draft Survey for Repatriates (Dominica) and distribute for Comments. (FW)
- Draft Individual survey for web-site and for distribution to Groups and Associations and for Co-ordinators. (FW)
- Comments from team on surveys 1 & 2 returned to (FW).

August 1 - 7:
- Comments from Team on Surveys 1 & 2 returned to (FW)
- Draft "Backgrounder" for web-site distribution. (FW)
- Data collection re (TOR #1), Dominica. (LWM) and (CAS)
- Meetings in Toronto with other OECS consuls. Review available Dossiers, documentation and mission statements. (FW)
- Test meeting with cross-section of potential investors re typical Expectations (information base, services and access, etc). (FW)

August 8 - 14:
- Distribute surveys and commence arrangements with co- ordinators for consultations.(FW) and (RR)
Investigate Diaspora/Canada issues: (FW)

- Document data sources, interviews etc (Dave can you do something similar for the US? Unless someone capable comes to mind, we will have a gap for the UK)
- Discussion and agreement on the "Structure" of the Policy Paper. Let us start putting our minds to this early. Who is our audience? The appropriate language of persuasion. Distinguish what is desirable, possible, likely, doable. Short term, medium term and long term objectives etc. Important that we agree on the approach early and avoid many re-drafts !! (Team) plus (RR, CAS)

August 15 - 21:
- FW on Vacations. (When are the rest of you guys taking your Summer vacation break?)
- Commence sifting through Replies which should be coming in and "shadow drafting" the Policy Paper. (Team)

August 22 - 28:
- Expected period for consultations in the Toronto/Hamilton (Ontario) area. I expected to be very involved.
- Continuation of review of replies and "shadow drafting" of Paper. (Team)

August 29 - Sept 4:
- Review and drafting continues.
- Particular assessment of returns from Area Co-ordinators.
- Assessment of replies from DAAS (Dominica) re Repatriates' Survey.
- Working Draft of Part1. Introduction, Objective, Process (FW) 2.The Present Situation (TOR #1, LWM)

Sept 5- 11:
- Working Draft of Part 3.Proposals on Overseas Representation (TOR #4, DS)
- Working Draft of Part 5. Investment and Promotional Roles of Nationals abroad. (TOR # 5,6. FW)

Sept 12 - 18:
- Working Draft of Part 4. Relationship Mechanisms with Nationals. (TOR # 7, DS).
- Working Draft of Summary, Conclusions, Recommendations.

Sept 19 - Oct 2:
- Posting of Draft on the Internet and invitation for comments

Oct 3 - Oct 16:
- Revision, Finalization and Submission.