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DAAS Elections Procedure - Overview

The following steps have been laid out to ensure an effective and fair transfer of management control, having regard to the DAAS Bylaws:

  1. An Elections and Nominations Committee (ENC) will be appointed by the DAAS President to undertake the following:
    • To prepare a Registered Voters List of members in good financial standing
    • To advertise to the membership the positions slated for election
    • To seek nominations from Registered Voters and advertise them
    • To set an election date and inform the Registered Voters
    • To prepare and distribute online ballots to Registered Voters
    • To collate results and present them to the DAAS President
  2. The DAAS President will inform the elected officers of the results and present the new Board of Directors and Exceutive to the general membership
  3. Formal transfer of control will proceed following the announcement.

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