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DAAS-HAITI Earthquake Fund

To: Our DAAS members and others:

As you all know Haiti has suffered a devastating earthquake which has caused immeasurable damage to homes and buildings and other structures and caused unimaginable number of deaths and severe injuries to the people. The horrors have been all too evident from TV, Internet and radio reports.

Adults and children are still being pulled out of the rubble. If ever there was a time when this poor country needed help urgently it is now

DAAS urges you to give generously to help the Haitians to get some immediate relief.. Many of their relatives and friends now live and work in our midst in Dominica.

It is a huge humanitarian task to restore some semblance of normalcy..We pray for them. Please help.


Dr Clayton A. Shillingford
Agribusiness Consultant and President, Dominica Academy of Arts & Sciences (DAAS)
1522 Braken Ave, Wilmington, DE 19808; Ph: 302-239-9643

How to donate

To make donations via Credit Card, please click this DAAS PayPal link button below. Note that you do not need to have a personal PayPal account to do so.

If you prefer to use checks, mail your donations - specifying on the MEMO for "DAAS-HAITI Earthquake Fund" - payable to:

Dominica Academy of Arts & Sciences (Overseas)

C/O Clayton Shillingford, DAAS, 1522 Braken Ave, Wilmington, DE 19808;

Tel: 302 239-9643; FAX: 302 234-4148
Email: Dr. Clayton Shillingford
, (for Interim Overseas Treasurer)


Dominica Academy of Arts & Sciences (Dominica)

C/O Nicholas Waldron,
Checkhall Massacre, Dominica

Tel: 767 449 0265;
Email: Nicholas Waldron
, (Local Treasurer)