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Welcome to the DAAS Local Chapter

Mission and Objectives


The purpose of the Dominica Chapter of the Dominica Academy of Arts & Sciences Inc is to maintain communication with the DAAS Board and Executive Committee to unite the competence of skilled Dominicans and Friends of Dominica, into effective collaborations for development of artistic and scientific enterprise in all spheres at home and abroad with commitment to craft scientifically sound solutions to problems of social and economic significance and to ally with the relevant public and private sector entities for achieving national objectives while aspiring to enhance the quality of life for all Dominica nationals through a unified effort of giving.


The objectives for which the Chapter is established are:

  1. To maintain affiliated membership with the Dominica Academy of Arts & Sciences [DAAS] and to comply with and observe the status of the DAAS and promote the aims of the DAAS in Dominica; enforce all its rules and regulations and to safeguard its autonomy and resist all pressures whether of a political, religious or economic nature.
  2. To register new members and to keep an up-to-date record of all such members
  3. To ensure vitality in organization of the character in the human resource base that is dedicated to the development of Dominica and the wider Caribbean region and far flung Diaspora communities which will seek to ensure the independence of our nationals, in accordance with principles of equity, ethical conduct and exhibition of excellence in the execution of all tasks.
  4. To facilitate scientific and artistic research and support programs in all relevant science disciplines with emphasis on the diffusion of culture, related literature and knowledge across as broad a spectrum as possible without discrimination as to class, political affiliation, ethnic origin, or gender.
  5. To generally assist nationals of the Commonwealth of Dominica around the world in time of need and continue to seek better socio-economic conditions towards the advancement of education and the preservation of Dominica's culture, history, natural resources and environment.
  6. To work with public and private institutions, individuals nationally and internationally to achieve national goals and objectives that will create a greater understanding and appreciation of national heritage.
  7. To foster, explore and encourage increased communication, interaction, and exchange of ideas among Dominica nationals worldwide of various social, economic, religious, cultural, and ethnic background.
  8. To maintain a database or Directory of skilled Dominicans who could be of assistance to public and private sector development in Dominica
  9. To provide a forum for "solution -finding" discussions on issues of technology, governance, income generation, environmental protection, social justice, and reversal of the brain drain.
  10. To facilitate an investment environment for the development of Dominica under the theme "Nature Island of Dominica and the wider Caribbean"
  11. To develop the values of the Chapter and to encourage contacts between the DAAS and its members and to educate them of their mission as role models in society and to promote and conduct various events and activities in accordance with the by-laws, and generally to promote activities in the interest of all members of the Chapter and the DAAS.
  12. To arouse and maintain the interest of the people of Dominica in, and to obtain their support for, the representation of the DAAS in Dominica.
  13. To educate public opinion, particularly the youth of Dominica as to the importance of properly organized physical recreation and other wholesome activities in improving the health and welfare of the Country, thereby developing character and the spirit of citizenship and patriotism.
  14. To raise funds for the purpose of participation in activities for the promotion of interest and general development of the Chapter.
  15. To borrow monies on security or otherwise as may be deemed advisable from time to time, and to repay such monies as and when arrangements may be made therefore.
  16. To exercise exclusive jurisdiction directly or through its constituent, members or affiliated bodies over all matters pertaining to the development and participation of Dominica in events sanctioned by the DAAS including the selection of teams or delegations to represent Dominica in such activities or events.
  17. To mediate during any dispute or conflict that may arise among members
  18. To participate in actions to promote peace and also undertake to support and encourage the promotion of general ethics and to demonstrate a responsible concern for environmental issues and to take action against any form of discrimination or violence on grounds of race, religion, politics, gender or otherwise.
  19. To do all such other things as are incidental to or as the DAAS or the Chapter may deem conducive to the attainment of these or other objectives, which may arise.