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Donations to DAAS Development Fund

Dear Members and Supporters:

To pay dues or make donations via Credit Card, please click this DAAS PayPal link button below. Note that you do not need to have a personal PayPal account to do so.

On the spaces provided on the PayPal request form, please enter for what purpose and amount.

Purposes include:

  1. Camp Rescue Londonderry (CRL) - This proposal is for an extended residential rehabilitation and change programme to cater to the needs of at-risk youth. The programme comprises four components: Training, Apprenticeship, Mentorship and Family Counselling/Intervention. See Working Draft
  2. Member Fees (See Fee Structure below),
  3. PRCC Rebuilding Fund - A fund sponsored by the Portsmouth Roman Catholic Church. See PRCC Online Pledge Form
  4. The ROC Fund - the Ralph Casimir and Orian Cultural Fund (ROC - Fund) to provide the financial resources to raise the level of cultural awareness among our youths and for the teaching of music and music business. See programme at
  5. PMH Trust Fund - to augment the Princess Margaret Hospital's funding for important patient needs. See
  6. Advertising Payments - Fees from DAAS Ad Partners at
  7. DAAS Writers AD Programme - a fund based on contributions from DAAS writers for advertising at
  8. DAAS-HAITI Earthquake Fund -
  9. Dominica Cadet Corps - Character Training Program
  10. DGS Audio-Visual Room
  11. Dominica State College Scholarship Fund
  12. Botanic Gardens Development Fund -
  13. One Laptop Per Dominican Child
  14. Kidney Transplant Operation - urgently required!
  15. Cathedral Renovation Fund - NATIONAL BANK OF DOMINICA SAVINGS NO.100060310 -

Payment Instructions

If you prefer to use checks, mail your donations - specifying on the MEMO for what purpose - payable to:

Dominica Academy of Arts & Sciences (Overseas)

C/O Clayton Shillingford, DAAS, 1522 Braken Ave, Wilmington, DE 19808;

Tel: 302 239-9643; FAX: 302 234-4148
Email: Dr. Clayton Shillingford
, (for Interim Overseas Treasurer)


Dominica Academy of Arts & Sciences (Dominica)

C/O Nicholas Waldron, (Local Treasurer); Checkhall; P.O.Box 2360, Roseau, Dominica;

Tel: 7674490265; Cell:7672752030
Email: Nicholas Waldron

DAAS is a US Registered Non-Profit Organisation

Membership Fee Structure is as follows
  1. Student members (Associates): - exempt until graduated
  2. Local Chapter members: - EC $40.00 per annum
  3. US, Canada, UK & European members: - US $40.00 per annum