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Aims and Objectives

As we enter the 21st. century, small, developing states like Dominica must first come to terms with the rapid re-organisation of global economic structures around them. There is no way to avoid it. This irreversible rush toward trade liberalisation in a world of unequal players - of developed, developing, less-developed and under-developed economies - is likely to drag us in every conceivable direction like bouncing balls at the whims and fancies of greedy, heartless, self-seeking, ruthless, developed nations. No longer can we plead poverty for preference. The law of survival of the fittest, in the face of modern civilization, now determines how the spoils of world economic growth will be allocated. So, what's new, you may ask? Don't the rich always get richer and the poor poorer?

Be that as it may, survival in this merciless economic environment means that Dominica must find herself a niche all her own and under her control which puts her at a relative advantage and from which vantage point her small voice can be heard loud and clear. We must re-examine the old ways of doing things and seek more efficient ones. We must be prepared to abandon that which is unproductive and embark boldly on those which show promise for the future.

Searching for these new mechanisms, this special niche, is the purpose of the Dominica Academy of Arts and Sciences (DAAS). It is our preference, indeed request, that all submissions offer:

The originators of the DAAS are not interested in this platform being a talk shop. It is our objective that each submission carries with it some scientific or other process with practical merit and which can assist the uplift of our people in education, business, trade, social organization etc.

Modus Operandi

All are invited in the search for solutions. We are embarking on an interactive journey involving the following stages:

N.B. Entries at the Forum must carry the subject of the Paper to which they refer. General entries should carry the subject of the introductory page: 'Goals of the Academy'.