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DAAS Discussion Papers

Agriculture & Environs

The Future of the Banana Industry - Dr. J. Bernard Yankey
The Struggle to Preserve Dominica's Natural Environment - Gabriel Christian
A commercial, profitable and viable banana industry: The last debate - Dr. J. Bernard Yankey
Sell DBMC to the highest bidder - Raymond Henderson
Agricultural Renewal - Dr. Basil Springer
Reforestation, Bamboo Cultivation & Land Slide Control - Gabriel Christian
A Programme for the Resuscitation of the Windward Islands Banana Industry and Recommendations to Contribute to its Sustainability in World Trade - Drs. Joseph E. Edmunds and Clayton A. Shillingford
The Plight of Windward Islands Bananas - Dr. Joseph E. Edmunds
Clemson U. Presentation_1 - Dr. Clayton A. Shillingford
Clemson U. Presentation_2 - Dr. Clayton A. Shillingford
Clemson U. Presentation_3 - Dr. Clayton A. Shillingford
Restoring Agriculture to its Rightful Place - Dr. Clayton A. Shillingford
Agriculture & Environment - Dominica - Dr. Clayton A. Shillingford
Growing Dominica's Agriculture - Frank Watty
The Outlines of a Stimulus Package for Dominican Agriculture - Atherton Martin
Feeding Bananas and Coconut Meal for Pork Production - J. Davison Shillingford