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DAAS Discussion Papers

Planning Options

Jet Airport Alternative - Dr. Lennox Honychurch
Dominica's 20-Year Plan - Mona George-Dill
Seeds of Hope Reforestation, Bamboo Cultivation & Land Slide Control - Gabriel Christian
A Serious Look at The Future of Dominica from a Planner's Perspective - James Abraham
Ecotourism - The Way Forward - B. Xavier, CHS
Revisiting Our Development Mindset - Ricky E. Brumant
What I Envision for my Country - James Abraham
The Business of Sustainable Tourism - Dr. Basil Springer, GCM
Submission to the Integrated Development Plan Committee & Statement in Support of an Economic Recovery Plan - Gabriel J. Christian
Ideas for the IDP - Neal Nixon
The Politics of Water - Frank Watty
"Community Planning for Natural Disasters: A Case Study of Dominica, West Indies. - Frank Watty