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Mission of Relief Committee


Dear Dominican Friends and Friends of Dominica:

On Sunday, November 20, 2004, our island was struck by an earthquake. Thankfully, no lives were lost but the damage inflicted on property was great. This occurrence, regrettable as it is, offers all members and associates of the Dominica Academy of Arts & Sciences an opportunity to answer the call to duty and help the homeland.

There are two areas of focus at this time:

  1. Financial Contributions and/or a Plan to finance reconstruction; and
  2. The need to implement creative technology and/or technique to make future construction and reconstruction more robust, and able to resist the stressors of hurricanes and earthquakes.

All members with backgrounds in disaster relief, engineering, finance etc. are asked to volunteer to assist at this time. I may be contacted by e-mail. It cannot be stressed enough that we need a strong representation on the Disaster Relief Committee from our membership on island. Those members of the Cadet Corp, Red Cross, Police/Govt. Service, or private sector are encouraged to make contact. Such unity of purpose will serve us well and avoid duplication of effort.
We shall arrange a small working committee and move to an e-conference soon. We will seek word from the local authorities with specifics as to how best we can assist our homeland.
All ideas are welcomed. Let us make this networking process bear fruit.

In the spirit of unified effort, I remain,
Gabriel Christian,
DAAS V.P. and Chair, Emergency Relief Committee