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Introducing The ROC Fund

Dear President:

    I am particularly pleased to announce the formation of the Ralph Casimir and Orian Cultural Fund (ROC - Fund). Some of you might be aware that it has been over five years since we've been planning the ROC - Fund. In fact, at the First Symposium sponsored by DAAS and RDF, the fund was part of a group discussion. The idea behind the fund is to raise the level of cultural awareness among our youths and to garner human and financial resources geared towards teaching of music and music business. The benefits of the fund will include but will not be exclusive to:

  • Supplying musical instrument to schools
  • Summer and holiday programs for the youths
  • Music workshop conducted by prominent Dominican artist
  • Instructions on music writing
  • Providing knowledge of music publishing
  • Marketing and distributing music and accessories
  • Teaching the art of music recording
  • Teaching the history of Dominican music
  • Tutoring in Music business
  • Provide training on Video production
    You may be wondering who was Ralph Casimir or who was Orion. Ralph Casimir was a Garveyite, poet, writer and journalist, who wrote extensively with an undisguised passion about the plight and struggles of people of color. Orion is our national female legend that was a preserver of our unique traditions, a magnificent drummer, dancer, artist and teacher, a jack of all trade and master of all.

    We have gotten the backing of a list of Dominican artist at home and in the Diaspora who are willing to donate songs gratis towards the compilation of a CD that will be lunched two weeks before Dominica's Independence Day, 2003. This will be a major part of the fund. However, we can not depend on CD sales only. That is why we are asking DAAS leadership the permission for the ROC - Fund to be advertised as a DAAS program - and it is - in order to gain non - profit benefits necessary for a successful drive. We are requesting that DAAS adopt the program and become the fiscal sponsor. It is our happy wish that the ROC - Fund could benefit from the 501c3 status of DAAS.

    We are also asking DAAS for any input that may aid this project. I humbly ask that DAAS would vouchsafe to respond favorably to our request by 5th June 2003. Another way Dominicans could help is through advertising. We will be offering ads in the CD booklet which Dominican businesses at home and abroad should take advantage of. We will be sending you updated information as we go along. In the course of this project, we most probably will request your assistance.

    For further information please contact:

Ras Moses (coordinator of committees and artist affairs)
Pat Aaron (finances) and
Neal Nixon (public relations and marketing).

    With profound respect and gratitude,

Neal Nixon
Public Relations, ROC - Fund