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Mission of the Committee

The Youth Development Committee (YDC) came into being after Symposium Two and the success of two youth forums on the North and South of Dominica that was hosted by the Rosie Douglas Foundation (RDF) and the Dominica Academy of Arts and Sciences (DAAS).

It became apparent that Dominican youth had some issues which needed immediate attention and the need arose to involve the Dominican Diaspora with their social and academic development.

The Mission of the Youth Development Committee will be, but not exclusively:

  • To act as a facilitator in the areas of:
    1. Encouraging youth pride;
    2. Promoting Village youth development groups;
    3. Mounting Drug awareness campaigns etc.
  • To solicit the services of the DAAS membership to address youth issues as they arise;
  • To provide linkages with various academic institutions;
  • To actively pursue opportunities and maintain mentoring programs;
  • To create an opportunity for young people to freely discuss their problems with professionals, with strictest confidentiality and privacy, in the area of:
    1. Teenage pregnancy;
    2. Sexual orientation;
    3. Sex education;
    4. Crime prevention;
    5. Drug abuse;
    6. Family issues, etc.
  • To be a clearinghouse for youth related information.

The Youth Development Committee will operate primarily by email and through this web page.

CHAIRPERSON - Dr. Peter K.B. St.Jean